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Good morning everyone.  I hope that your weekend was spent doing all the things you wanted.  It amazes me how quickly time goes on the weekends.  Seems like it begins and ends in a flash. 
Today, I am sitting here contemplating  what today's blog should be.  Some days are more inspiring than others.  Sometimes, I have the ideas or thoughts and then I am perplexed on whether they are of any interest to anyone else but myself.  I encourage you as readers to comment when something is of interest to you.  It truly helps to know what really interests you as the reader. 
Blogging for me has become a sense of journaling.  It at times has strengthened me as a person.  It allows me to share, to vent and sometimes just to dream out loud.  So, I encourage you to help me along on this journey. I hope that some of the blogs may have caused you to think, encouraged you to learn and perhaps even research more.  Perhaps you were able to identify with a situation or share a place in time.   Whatever it may have been or is still to come...I would love to hear your thoughts as well. 
Well, today's blog  is about Strength.  I am in a  place in my life that I am thinking more and more about what is Strength?  Strength is a complex feeling and action that one must have.  I began to think about it after seeing an article posted today by a friend.  Some days we need more strength than other.  Each of us may need a different type of strength.   Most of us think of strength as some super power...and yet it takes a great deal of work to actually muster up some of it. 
I thought about my friends today and what they are tackling.  What kind of strength is needed?  Then it dawned on me all the different types of situations need strength. 
One dear friend lost her husband.  They were a happy couple and now, they are apart.  She is left to continue this journey alone.  When I say alone...we know that she has children and friends...but her inner soul is now in a search for how she begins a new path.  She holds herself high, full of poise and dignity and somehow, when I think of her...I cannot help but imagine the pain she is dealing with inside and the strength that she may need to just put one foot in front of another.
I have another friend who is battling stage 4 cancer.  She needs strength both physically and emotionally to get through each moment.  Strength to look mortality straight in the eye and go to battle.   She needs the physical strength to go through the steps of the chemo and all the other things necessary in this battle.  Strength to not fall apart in front of her husband, children and friends. 
I have worn battle shoes myself.  I know how I needed strength to get me through each moment when my daughter left our home 18 years ago. 
I have needed strength to deal with work, family and daily living.  Some days...we don't need as much strength as others.  I look at all the things that go on in this world and know that not all are capable of having that strength.  There are some who can't handle life or those that make our lives so miserable and give up...they feel they have no where to go, no one to share their feelings with and have landed up ending their lives.
So that poses the question...where does strength really come from?  When we think of being Strong...we associate that with physical power.  Strength is more of an emotional power.  Strength comes from within us...it is just up to us to find it.  How do I find my strength??  I look for it in prayer.  I look for it in God.  He is my rock and my strength.  It has only been with Him that I have found the courage to move on...to step ahead...one day at a time.  I am grateful for my faith and those that have guided me there.  When ever I feel weak...I pray to God to help me through it.  I once saw a movie...it was called Love Comes Softly...where a woman who feels she has lost everything...asks this man who climbs a mountain to pray...how he can do this when God has allowed such troubles to happen in his life?  His answer simply was.."I am a father...and when my child falls...I cannot prevent this from happening...I can only promise to be there when she does.... God is my father and He is always there to help me back up". I found great STRENGTH in that statement.  I know that when I fall...or when I am weakened...that He will always be there with me.  Some may say when you fall off a horse you need to dust yourself off and get right back on.  Now, I know this is not as easy as it sounds....it takes courage and fortitude.  It takes faith...at least it has for me.  
So if you are at the bridge of a situation...if you are at a loss...if you are weak..STOP and SEARCH.  There is STRENGTH to be found, but to find it...you must first search it out.   
As a story teller, I want to share this story with you.  I am unclear as to who the author is, but is a wonderful example of strength.
Once, an old man was very ill and lay dying in his bed. He had four sons who were al­ways fighting with each other. He always worried about them and wanted to teach them a lesson and asked his sons to come to him. When they came, the old man gave them a bundle of sticks and said, “Can you break these sticks?”
The first son tried to break the bundle but nothing hap­pened. He tried very hard and finally gave up. Then it was the turn of the second son to try his luck. He thought it would be an easy task and picked up the sticks easily. He tried his best to break the sticks but nothing happened. Then, the third son tried to break the bundle of sticks, but he couldn’t do anything either.
Meanwhile, the youngest son jeered at his brothers and thought they were very incom­petent. He thought he was very clever and took one stick at a time and easily broke all of them.
The old father then smiled at his sons and said, “Children, do you understand what hap­pened? It is always easy to break the sticks one by one. But when they are bundled together, none of you could break them. In the same way. you four brothers should always be together. No one will be able to hurt you then.” The four brothers realized what their father was trying to teach them and forgot all their enmity and learn that unity is strength.
From that day onwards, they never fought with each other and lived together in peace and harmony.

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