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Good afternoon to everyone.  I started to blog this morning and then got distracted...then had so much to get done and had to run some errands...and needless to say, upon returning..I forgot the idea I had for the theme of the day. I think there might just be too much on my plate at the moment. 
Well, today I saw the movie GOD IS NOT DEAD.  It is not a movie that is being advertised on television to see...I saw it posted by a friend on facebook.  I looked it up and it is only showing for 3 days in selected theaters.
Today I had a call that rearranged my day a bit which allowed me the chance to see it.  I truly believe that there are no accidents in life.  What an amazing and inspiring movie of courage and faith.  Trust me...look it up right now and get to a theater to see it.  If you believe and have faith it will certainly inspire and strengthen it.  If you might be on the fence...it might make you think about God and sway the direction you are facing. 
I have worn the shoes of wondering whether or not God is there....well..maybe not...maybe I have just gotten mad, because my demands...which I called prayers had not been answered.  But the day I gave the problem over to Him...all my answers came swooping in.  They may have not been what I wanted...but certainly what I needed...even if I didn't know it before hand. 
Faith is a struggle.  It is not just black and white...it is all the grey in between. 
It is accepting what is meant to be...it is listening to that voice within.  I am certainly not a preacher...I am not going to tell anyone what they should and should not believe...but I KNOW in my heart....GOD IS NOT DEAD.  He has given me some of the most amazing gifts of my life.  Some of those gifts were lessons.  Those lessons were hard...but well worth the learning. 
Last night I had taken some dinners over to a friend who is suffering with cancer.  We had a long discussion and to hear her making plans for the future was inspirational.  She told me that because of the cancer...she had received such a gift.  The gift of knowledge.  She learned how many friends she has, how much she is loved and cared about.  She learned that money, material things, etc. are all superficial compared to those she loves and loves her back unconditionally.  She shared with me that from that day forward...she is not going to sweat the small stuff...you know...the hair, the nails, the way she looks.  She said that in the end..it just doesn't matter.  How inspiring.  She is rooted in her faith and this catastrophe hasn't weakened it...it has strengthened it. 
I hope that they make a copy of this movie...I would really love to get a copy of it.  I would love to share it with her. 
So today, I will be the movie critic....2 thumbs up for the movie....GOD IS NOT DEAD....go see it and let me know what you think?  There is a comment area in  my blogs...I would love your comments. 
At the end of the movie they ask you to text GOD IS NOT DEAD...I figured I would reach a much bigger audience this way. 

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