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PROM memories

Good morning.  Well, another weekend is upon us all.  As I picked up my computer this morning I read that the high today will be 36.  REALLY???  I cannot believe this is spring.  There was a time, years back where I was already half done cleaning up my yard, and now I am still awaiting more snow.  This has just been the craziest weather I can ever remember. 
Well, today's blog takes me back in time from when I was a teenager.  Back to Prom season.  I remember them all so well. Why prom?  Well, my granddaughter was recently asked to prom and the young man made it so very special for her.  I am most amazed at what lengths this young man went to. 
He had my daughter preoccupy her out of the house.  He came over all dressed up in dress pants, vest, nice shirt and tie.  He came with a huge bouquet of stargazer lilies and roses and enough candles to spell out  PROM.  What an amazing memory that this young man created for her.  He of course had all the candles lit and stood next to it to await her answer.  Of course the answer was YES!!
When I think back on my prom dates...and there were quite a few through my sophomore through senior year...nothing quite that romantic or sweet was part of the asking...but the proms were most memorable.  My first prom was with a young man name Don who went to Weber HS.  I remember the excitement over shopping for that prom gown It landed up being white with yellow and green velvet flowers as a trim.  I remember having my hair done up it curls on the top of my head and the excitement of the prom was nothing compared to the after prom event.  It was quite the tradition for us in those days to go to a place called Shanghai Lil's on Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago.  They had a fantastic Hawaiian floor show and we would have appetizers and virgin fancy drinks.  We would arrive at home at 1 or 2 AM...which was a huge deal and then sleep for a couple hours and then prepare a picnic basket to take to the picnic.  That year we went to Lake Geneva...a pretty usually location for after prom.    The only time I went elsewhere was after my own prom as a senior...we went to Starved Rock.  My senior prom was quite the different prom for me.  You see, in my senior year of HS I had an emergency surgery with complications.  I was out of commission for quite some time and the young man that I was dating...well, we broke up and so when prom time rolled around..I didn't have a date...so instead I went with a somewhat of a cousin.  Landed up that a girlfriend of mine also went with her cousin...so we did a lot of switching to put some added fun into the evening.  That gown was a turquoise southern belle gown layered with ruffles and a big hoop underneath.  The whole time at the prom the sisters kept after me...making sure I was alright physically.  It was like having a mother in every direction.  Bless their hearts.  The minute they saw me on the dance floor...they were right there...watching.  Prom was probably the most memorable times in my years back then...but nothing as memorable as what this young  man did for my granddaughter.  I can't wait to hear about the prom itself.  He has certainly raised the bar pretty high...so we will wait and see and of course...it will give me a topic to blog about.  Memories...something that we all hold onto in our later years.  I am so thrilled that my Sarah is having such wonderful one to stack away in the back of her mind for years to come. 

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