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Pay It Forward Friday

Good morning.  Today is quite a gloomy and wet day so far.  It is pouring and lightening like crazy outside.  I know that my bones ache from the weather..but I am feeling quite blessed this morning.  Everywhere I have looked today I am reminded of how blessings are always around if we look at them.  Even the thunder and lightening is a welcomed friend because I know that it will cause budding on the trees outside. 
I seem to be having messages no matter where I look today about how we need to pay it forward.  How paying it forward continues it's journey forward.  Today I saw a story about paying it forward and then viewed a u-tube immediately after.  I wasn't looking for them, but there they were! 
So, today's blog is about paying it forward.  It seems that often times we don't look at the big picture in life.  We often times lack peripheral vision.  We become wrapped up in our own lives and our own troubles that we don't look beyond them.  Today, I viewed a video about change...no, not a change in our lives...although I suppose it does...but actual money.  It started with a gentleman who was sitting with a tin can asking for change and his amazing journey with what he did with the change that he received.  Oddly enough, the best word that I can use to describe what happened to him was exchanged.  He exchanged his fortune into a pay it forward situation, which in turn, landed up being returned to him. 
I see on facebook that there are days that someone has assigned for certain things.  For example, Throwback Thursday...where you post a picture of something in your past.  We all know what TGIF is for, I  began to wonder why we don't have a day for pay it forward.  How nice it would be to have a day to remind everyone about doing good.  Now, I must say that we shouldn't need to be reminded, there are many that do it everyday....but how much nicer could the world be if we had a pay it \ forward for something or someone who has done good in our lives? 
Sometimes our words are there...offering help...but how many will utilize them.  Paying it forward is enforcing our words into an action. 
I remember having a pay it forward situation happen to me with my girl scouts.  We had a meal ticket picked up by someone and I remember just how amazing that felt.  I remember how wonderful it felt to do something for someone who couldn't really afford something but wanted it so bad and tried to scrape together enough money to pay for it....and had told the cashier to not charge them and that I would take care of it.  That money may have gone for food then. 
I was reminded yesterday by a friend who is going through a really rough time with cancer...not a financial strain, but a physical one.  She told me how much the meals that have been brought have been such a blessing!  She said she couldn't imagine how she would find the strength to make a meal right now. 
I know a friend who has very little...and I mean little...and when seeing a homeless person without a coat...took the only one off her back and gave it to that person.  She didn't have money to replace a coat for herself...but was content that she had a flimsy lightweight jacket to cover her.  Her kindness only inspires me to want to do something for her.  

I try to do as much as I can to help people.  Oftentimes my actions are met with..."don't you think you have done enough"? "Why are you putting your life on hold for them?"  Really??  I was once told by a great woman...who you have never heard of...my mother-in-law.  She told me to count your friends when the time is bad...not how many come to your parties.  She was so right! 

I think that if it were up to me...we should make Fridays.  TGIFPIF.  Thank God it's Friday...Pay it Forward.  We should be so grateful that we have a job...and have perhaps a dime or two to pay it forward with.  There are so many these days that aren't fortunate.  There are many who are lost and searching..hungry and lonely.  They may have everything in the world and still be hungry for something...perhaps a kind word...a smile...and yes even a meal. 

I hope that today's blog will inspire you to do a pay it forward.  Somewhere out there...there is someone who could really use it!

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