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ReCalling the Phone Booth

Good morning to everyone.  Well, today is Friday.  I hope that your weekend will begin well.  If you read yesterday's blog...you know that I will be looking for an opportunity to pay it forward today.  Hope that the idea was one that made you stop and think a moment.  As yesterday continued there were even more evidence of pay it forward brought to my attention.  Sometimes those signs are just everywhere!
Well, today's blog is about a public phone.  I cannot even imagine where one is and recently decided to start paying attention to whether there were any around anymore.  Growing up, it was such a common fixture on most streets...but I haven't had a need for one...so, out of sight out of mind.  I think that the last time I used a public pay phone was perhaps 18 years ago. With all the new technology that is available these days and it seems as though almost anyone has a cell phone these days...are there still public phones out there? 
We have become so accustomed to having that cell phone right there in our pockets that perhaps we can't imagine that a public phone would be even necessary any more...but after seeing a video clip yesterday, and the young girl used a pay phone to call home...it made me think about it.  AND, not only did I think about an actual pay phone, but wondered how much a call would be these days. 
I can remember back when it was a dime to make a phone call and then it was a quarter.  If you needed to use one, you had best make sure that you had plenty of change on you, especially if you intended to talk a while.  It was common after a certain amount of time for the operater to interrupt and instruct you to add more coins to continue the conversation.  I believe, if I recall correctly that you may have had 3 minutes before that happened. 
When I would get ready to leave the house..Grandma would always question whether I had enough change on me for a phone call.  You would never leave home without some. 
There has also been a lot of history surrounding the phone booths.  For one...it was the main changing scene for Superman....or should I say Clark Kent?  I can remember movies where people ran from public phone to public phone to get instructions from in the case of a bombing or a kidnapping. 
It was a popular thing for high school and college kids to see how many could be jammed into a phone booth.  Who would ever imagine that this common everday fixture would be a piece of history.  I bet that most young people today would not even understand the concept of the phone booth or a pay phone.  
In the year 1960...Bell system had put the  millionth pay telephone in. 
Today, we can hardly find one visible...but there are a few around...it just takes one to actually pay attention and look for one.  Funny how life changes and we don't even realize it.   

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