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A Friendship That Never Aged

Well, good morning once again.  the weekend is now behind us and another week has begun. 
Today I choose to write about friendships that never age due to a phone conversation yesterday.  I unfortunately have not had the opportunity to get together with a dear friend for about a year now.  We barely have had the opportunity to touch base...but once on the phone...as usual...we began right where we left off.  We caught up on bits and pieces and made plans to get together very soon. 
The funny thing about this conversation was the way I felt about it after we hung up.  We have been friends...59 years....and even though my mind said we are now older women...my heart and soul didn't feel any different than when we were kids. 
We have been through it all.  We lived 2 doors away from each other...her family moved away and we occasionally touched base here and there and when we were 19 we regained our close relationship all over again...like no time had ever passed.  We married within a few months of each other.  She moved back into the home she grew up in, while I moved away...but we remained in touch.  We both had children and they grew up and they had children.  We had vacationed together, took side trips together, attended craft shows together...but most of all we just talked.  We opened up our hearts and minds.  We laughed and we cried together.  We have been there for each other in the worst moments and in the happiest moments as well. 
When I look into the mirror and see this older person looking back, I sometimes wonder whether that is who she sees or not...because when I look at hear...I don't see the aging...it seems crazy, but I still see the young girl that I played statue maker with.  When we share a cup of coffee and talk about our parents...I feel like we are in the sandbox talking about the same things. 
I have all different types of friendships and each one is wonderful and great...but with Susan...there is just this familiarity about it....this sense of it never grows old.  WE never grow old because our hearts molded together as friends at such a young age. 
Now a days...we have reached the age where we are attending funerals of dear friends...and I realize what a gift this friendship is.  I thought about how long it is between our visits at times...and I want to spend more time together.  I don't want either of us to have that phone call...and realize we should have done this or that! 
Although it doesn't matter with our friendship how long we go...we don't need to let it go too long. 
This friendship has surely had some history between us.  Our grandmothers were friends, our moms were friends and even our children were friends.  Now we are the Grandmothers!  Wow...talk about history.  When I look back into my photo albums and see us together...and then I see us together today, I seem the same too little girls...only we walk a little slower and have a whole lot more aches and pains, but there is nothing slow about our conversations and our verbal skills have never slowed down.  It is amazing...but this OLD friendship really has never aged. 

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