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Treasure Hunting in a Thrift Store and More

Good morning.  I am hoping that your stay has had a good start.  I definitely have plenty on the agenda today.  The one thing the is critical is to prepare for a performance tomorrow....it is Easter stories.  One major difficulty with Easter problems...especially for adults is that it is politically incorrect to tell the Easter story itself and most other stories are for telling children.  Ergo my topic for today.
weekly trip to the resale shop.  We oftentimes will hit a few on one trip depending on the finds.  You wouldn't think you would spend a lot of money in a resale shop...but that really depends on the day and the finds and of course, what you might be on the look out for.  Well, yesterdays search was for pot lids to paint on. I am also on a search for shaped cake pans.  I like to search out the book department as well...you never know what might spark a story or two.  Well, yesterday, I put my husband in charge of any Easter books.  Amazingly, he found a couple...one wouldn't work at all, but the idea was perfect.  The book was about the Bunny and his hop.  Well, I don't know about you...but I cannot imagine any adult who wouldn't recognize the bunny hop song.  It was a real treasure!  I can incorporate a story and get them to move even if they are in wheelchair and even perhaps sing along.  I was quite thrilled at the prospect.  Then he handed me a wonderful Bunny book about an elderly bunny telling stories to the young bunnies.  Totally something that I can make them relate to...and I can use it on youngsters as well. A lesson about how much we gain from the elderly if we only stop to listen. 
The next thing that happened was that a man passed me by, knocking over an item.  He didn't stop to pick it up and when I bent over and picked it up and placed it on the shelf...viola...sitting right there was the hard cover book of the Velveteen Rabbit mixed in with various items.  I would have never found it if it weren't for the man knocking over the item and my picking it up!  When my husband walked over...I showed him the book and told him to look at my gift from God.  He looked a little puzzled and once I explained how it happened...he totally understood. 
The trip was a wealth of treasures.  I also found a perfect wooden chair to paint and it only ran me $2.00.  I found an old aluminum coffee pot without the glass knob on the top, but I figured that no matter whether I painted it as a Santa or a snowman, I could use a pompom on the top.  I even found one lid and one cake pan.  It was like striking gold...plus I found this great T-shirt that will be perfect for me to count on canvas as art to give to my granddaughters boyfriend as a graduation gift.   It will be something perfect for his dorm room!   I even found some bathroom tiles that are perfect to turn into coasters.  It was totally a stellar day. 
Once we left the thrift store, my husband started to talk about having lunch..so as I drove...I remembered this store that I have wanted to stop into for quite sometime...except that each time I have seen it...it was night time and it was closed.  So off I went to the store.  It is called the Staving Artist.  Well, what a treasure.  I found paint pens there that I thought were no longer available.  I was thrilled beyond belief.  I spoke with the young man about the changes that are going on in art and he had some very insightful comments.  He was filled with knowledge about what is happening in the art world and the makers of the products.  We chatted for quite some time and he even showed me a picture of what the newest generation is viewing as art and how many of them he frames a week.  I must say, coming from the old school of art, I was disillusioned to see the spray can art that he showed me.  But none the less...he was a truly a fountain of information and what a treasure.  Sometimes treasures come in all types of forms. 
We finally did make it to lunch and then a bit of grocery shopping. Quite the day.  A number of stupendous finds. 
You just never know what you might find when you are in a thrift store or even a random trip into a store unknown.  I suppose it is all how you look at things.  As an artist, there is always a treasure just waiting to be found.  I started to feel like Cinderella's fairy godmother.  With a bibiddy bobbidy boo....a little bit of Deco Art paint and something new it will all be!

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