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Laughter Over some DNA

Well good morning to all, Today looks like we are in for another nice spring day.  I am so thrilled to see sparks of life coming up from the ground.  My Hostas are now beginning to peek their little heads up in the front and I have seem a tulip coming up.  How exciting it is to see those sweet signs of spring. 
As for today's blog, I have decided to share some information along with a story of laughter over having our DNA tested by National Geographic. 
Several years back, when National Geographic first came out advertising that you could send in your DNA and have it tested form the beginning of your beginning, my husband and I decided to have it done.  It was simple enough, you paid your monies and they sent you a packet including a swab to swab the DNA from you mouth, enclose it in a container and send it in. 
Well, did it and soon after, I was telling a dear friend about what we had done and she and her husband were intrigued and did the same thing!  Well, we all anxiously awaited the results.  Once each sets of us received our results, we decided to get together to compare them.  Now it was quite hilarious to see us comparing them since they only go for the first 10,000 years stemming back 60,000 years ago.  My friend, who is 100% Italian went from AFRICA straight to SWEDEN and  nowhere else.  We laughed and laughed, but it made so much sense historically when you look back at what had happened with Italy and the Vikings and of course it stopped after the first 10,000 years.  My husband and her husbands lines were very similar...yet a couple differences were scene here and there....we laughed and began to call them cousins...since they both landed up in SCOTLAND from AFRICA.  My DNA, on the other hand, validated the traveling gypsy that I am.  I went from AFRICA and traveled it quite well before heading to Isreal, then I sparked off to Asia, to Hungary and Budapest, Kasakstan, Russia, Germany, Poland, France, Spain and more. 
Oh the laughter that surrounded that table that evening...only to reoccur several years later. 
Now this is where the laughter really began.  And if laughter is good medicine...we all got a good dose of it the other evening.  You see, my friend recently had brain surgery for a tumor.  She is suffering with that horrible big C....Cancer.  Now I had taken over some stuffed cabbages for their dinner and after dinner we were talking about that night when we received our DNA results.  Well, her husband then proceeded to reveal something that just occurred recently when they were in the hospital on the day of her surgery.  Last year he asked her what she wanted for her birthday.  Her response was that she would like to have more extensive research on her DNA....it really bothered her that she never went anywhere...and so he ordered the next kit and once again she had her DNA taken further.  Well, she began to tell us the results.  She informed us that the next DNA showed that she went from Sweden back down into AFRICA again and toured the whole northern area.  We just sat there and chuckled and this little Italian whose toes have still not dipped into ITALY!  But the story got even better.  Her husband then reveals that while she was on the gurney being wheeled into the operating room for her brain surgery...she looks up at the attending staff , which one of them was this tall strapping young black man and proceeds to tell them that she comes from AFRICA.  You can imagine the looks on all of their faces as they stared down on this pale little ITALIAN with questioning faces. When she was asked where she came from, she proceeds to tell them that she was all over AFRICA!  Now her husband is getting looks from the attendants and has no idea how to respond and then she proceeds to inform them that her name is LAKESHA....imagine??  We were laughing so hard by now, that tears were running down my cheeks.  I asked her if she was channeling another life,  Her husband said that he could perhaps understand if she was coming out of surgery and perhaps they might have snipped something...but this was on her way in and she really hadn't had any drugs yet!  Well, that was enough for the roar of laughter to fill the room. 
Now if that isn't funny enough...the young gentleman who was from Jamaica came back to her room a few days after surgery to see how she was and questioned her on her AFRICAN descent...her husband then explained their DNA testing through National Geographic and how we all start in Africa and then it tracks how our DNA moves from there.  He was very interested in it all and said that he would look it up and have it done.  Well, our little LAKESHA told him to let her know his results.
Now, I laugh each time I even think about this.  We all supposed started in AFRICA....but I myself need to now channel my past lives to find out my AFRICAN name...too bad that it doesn't come with the DNA results.

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