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How to react in a busy life

Good morning to everyone.  Well, as quickly as a blink of the eye...here we are back to a Friday.  I hope that this weekend proves to be a good one for all.  I was happy to see the sun shining and the weather is already near 60 here in the Chicago area.  I am happy to wear short sleeves and consider packing away the winter clothes. 
Today's blog is about how much can one fit into their lives and how you handle it.  I must say...it is a variable for many.  Many often say that if you want something done...ask a busy person.  Now that might seem like an oxymoron, but it seems to be true.  A busy person is on a schedule, they make lists and strategize how to accomplish what is needed to do.  They are also more patient than the average person...at least according to me!  I find that it takes far more energy to get upset over a delay and takes only delays the energy to do the next step. 
But it seems to me, in recent days, that those who have more time on their hands seem to be less and less patient.  I was in the store one day, and of course it was crowded and sometimes, you have to wait for a person to more over...I don't quite understand why the person I was with was so upset and frustrated.  Their attitude was like the person in their way actually set out to be purposely there to aggravate them.  The tone of the person I was with showed aggression and was purposely rude to the person in their way.  It was actually quite amusing to me to watch this unfold.  I have the belief that life is hurried along enough. I can wait an extra moment or two.  It doesn't need to raise my blood pressure and send blood curdling through my veins.  With all the changes in todays world, things like prices being scanned on a computerized register...life is already faster...must we hurry it even more.  People had smiles and greetings to one another in a store years ago...now it seems like you are walking into a boxing ring.  If you cannot handle these small troubles...how in the world do you handle the big ones? 
When we finally were checked out...which I by the way thought was in a reasonable fashion, the person I was with was so frustrated by now that they were hurrying to rush in front of the person who was with their cart in the next aisle heading in the same direction....and once we were out the door....well, those people were just as annoying as well. 
When I got into the car, I was totally astounded to the anger that had built up over a trip to a fruit market.  Then the other day, this same person was angered once again over something on the Internet.  A comment was made lopping everyone into the same situation to my dismay and finally had to say something about it.    They stopped dead in their tracks and realized how right I was. 
Now, I must say that even though through most of life I try to take life as it comes.  But yesterday, I  was in some way assaulted with a comment from someone.  It was because I didn't respond instantly to a question...which in fact, I have already given them the answer, and to top that off, my day yesterday was a hectic mess.  When people don't have much on their plate, they seem to want instant satisfaction...my thoughts on this are...go and find a job...volunteer and keep yourself busy...I believe you will be by far a happier person and lot more patient because you will realize that the next person may be just as busy as you.  I seemed to settle down after a long and deep breath.  I cannot afford to get rattled over the trivial things in life...there are way too many important things on the list. 
So, my advice for the day is...the next time things seem to be running a bit slow, stop and imagine that this is a sign that you should relax....be kind, be considerate.  Maybe make some mental notes in your mind of other things you might want to do or see.  The time will go much quicker if you just show a little kindness and if the other person is being inconsiderate....do you really want to show them that you can do it better than them?  Or, would you rather show them a good example? 
Don't sweat the small stuff...because if you do...when the big stuff comes along...you will be way too frazzled to handle it. 

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