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Miracles Happen

Good afternoon to all...Well, I have certainly missed being here on the blog.  I have been at a 2 day painting seminar and life just was way too complicated and long to have the chance to blog...I have now dropped off the teacher at the airport and life is somewhat back to normal.  It was a lot of work to handle being the chairperson for the painting seminar, but oh, so well worth the work.  A wonderful weekend, good friends, laughter and the chance at learning to paint projects from a marvelous teacher.  Thanks you Sandy Scales. 
So, on to today's blog.  Miracles happen every day, and I firmly believe that.  I fell that things happen always for a reason and we should not question them and just learn to accept them.  This weekend was one of those special days.  Now at home, I was preparing for the seminar, getting together all the things on my list that were needed to get done.  This was my first time at this job, so I wanted to get it right!
One of the items on the list was name tags....now for the past few years, they had used those hello my name is tags...and that was fine.  I didn't find any in the supply box and didn't feel like running out once again to pick up anything....and then I remembered many years ago, they used to paint on wood and put on a name. I had these little angels pins and thought...why not?? 
Now, I counted them out and had exactly the correct amount needed for match the attendees.  I was grateful and amazed at the same time...now you may think...is that the miracle?  No, just an amazing part.  I went ahead and got the angels ready with the names and all and checked the list.  Now the next day was the first day of the seminar and when each lady checked in, I handed them their patterns, extenders and a pin.  Many commented on how nice it was to get the pin...some commented on how sweet that it was an angel...another asked if the angel would help her to paint heavenly!  So sweet and nice and I was happy that I had them to do and give. 
Now, the second day...one of the ladies came up to me to thank me for her pin.  I brushed it off as it was not such a big deal...but to her it WAS!  With tears welled up in her eyes, she proceeded to tell me that the day before was the anniversary of her sons death.  That she for 10 years had attended a mass said for parents who had lost their children.  She proceeded to tell me that she had an angel pin that was given to her at the beginning and she had worn it every year on the anniversary.  Well, that morning, she couldn't find it anywhere.  She had lost the pin.  She was very upset and almost in tears over this.  She told me that when she walked in the room that morning and was given that angel that she felt like God and her son had given her that gift.  Of all the pins that could have been given,...she received the angel she so desperately needed.  I was so touched by her sharing her story with me that I had tears in my eyes.  I began to share with her my belief in angels and that God always gives us what we need when He feels the time is right.  Evidently, the angel pin and the exact number was all counted out by God...even though I couldn't see him.  But my faith knows and acknowledges that this was truly a special miracle. 
I know that we were both blessed that day all because of a little pin and a gesture. 

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