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Earth Day and What I Do to Help

Good morning to everyone...a bit of a late start here, but I had a number of meetings to go to this morning and time for a hair cut as well. 
Later this afternoon I am performing a program for Earth Day.  Well, I must tell you that is the topic of the blog today...but I really got to thinking today as I sat in the Weight Watchers room at a meeting about some of the other ways that we need to stop wasting and help the earth.
I myself have been asked about a million times during parties and red hat events why I use real dishes and plates and glasses.  Well, for one, it is my part in saving the earth.  I really don't believe in paper plates...for one...I just plain don't like the looks of them...call me a snob if you must!  The second reason is they don't do the job well enough...I don't care how GOOD they are!  And they cost quite a bit of money!  I am not cheap...by any means, but I would rather treat my guests to something else..other than throwing their serving pieces in the trash, and last but surely not least....have you ever thought to think about how much of that stuff is in the landfills?  In my 40 years of marriage.....through all the bridal and baby showers, birthday parties and other events I have hosted...I have probably saved the earth from a mountain of paper products! 
There is a wonderful story that I tell for earth day about a wasteful community.  Basically it comes down to the fact that we as a whole...tend to not consider the after effects of our actions.  For me...one way to help out was to make a one time purchase of 100 glass dishes, salad plates and bowls.  I have had to add a few along the way for a few minor accidents...but ooh the money I have saved through the years and I feel much better for the environment as well. 
As I sat today a the WW meeting, I thought about how many things today are sold in individual packages.  It is easy and convenient.  We use them as adults as well as for children.  I thought about how much waste those individual bags are!  Wow...it was staggering to think about it. And then I watched the leader hand out those Bravo stars and thought...really?? All that paper waste to say "good job"? 
Even stores like CVS  has electronic coupons that come to you via email...and then when you shop, they print out a gazillion coupons.  We give them our extra value card....can't it just go immediately back into the system and not waste all that paper.  I usually don't use 99% of the coupons that get printed. 
We need to stop and think about what is going on in this world of ours.  I read this morning a great idea to get rid of those styrafoam coffee cups.  Just have your won standard cup refilled.  I know...the next comment will be on sanitary...really....do you know who has touched that styrafoam cup before you.  And so you need to rinse out your own cup...is that really so hard.  I remember taking driving trips and filling up a thermos of coffee with the cup on the top as your cup..and somehow we all survived. 
I am certainly not a perfect person when it comes to it all, but I am trying to do my best to cut down on some of the items that can cause such damage for out generations to come. 
I walked into the Home Depot yesterday...and the first thing that attacks me is the smell of chemicals.  Now I suppose if you are not as sensitive to chemicals as I am it would never phase you....I walked as quickly as possible through the garden department in search of an oriole feeder and just about keeled over from all the chemicals in there,  I passed an end cap of Round Up...the weed killer and thought about the effects that the poison is doing not only to the weeds, but our ground which in turn leaks into our water.  It is now noted that when it rains...there are traces of Round Up in our rain....really?  Have we truly become such perfectionists about our lawn now that we are willing to contaminate ourselves and the future generations. 
I remember many years back, I watched a program on Channel 20 here in the Chicago land area and it was about recycling plastic.  Well, the toxicity in the recycling was said to be even worse that the production of the plastic itself.  And today...almost everything is made of plastic.  They even chop it up and put it in comforters and coats.  We are surrounded continuously by chemicals. 
So today, I implore you....take a moment to look at the things you do on a every day basis and even if you change one or two things....how much of a contribution we could all make in this world of ours.  

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