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Seeing the Number 444

Good morning to everyone.  Friday is here once again.  Hope that you will enjoy your upcoming weekend.  Here near the Chicago land area in Glenview, at Wagner Farm, they are hosting a Bacon fest.  Something different to do.  I am hoping to have a chance to stop by. 
As for today's blog...if any of you came to read because you have already had the 444 experience....great!  For those of you who are wondering what is all the buzz about 444...then here is my story. 
From the time I was a young girl...the number 444 seemed to always pop up in one place or another.  whether it was on a clock, an address or phone number...I would see it.  I started to think that perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket or something with those numbers on it and of course...nothing happened.  It wasn't until many years later that I was stunned and then introduced to an explanation of the 444 and have been considered informed and blessed ever since. 
One Christmas, many years ago, one of my daughters friends gave me a book for  Christmas of one of my favorite authors....only problem was that I already owned all of her books.  So, simplest solution was to exchange it for another book.  I would do that in the next week or so.  Now, one day, I was driving downtown on the expressway, and lo and behold I was stunned by this gigantic billboard of an angel.  I wanted to be able to read the billboard.  I mean....really??  how often do you see a gigantic angel on the expressway?, but by the time it caught my eye...I could read everything...so I made a mental note of the location so I could view it on the way home.  When I was driving home. it was later in the day and there was ample time to go a bit slower when I reached the mark to read it.  It was advertising a new book...and the book was called The Messengers.  Great...I loved to read about angels and I could exchange the book I already had for a copy of this one.  I mean...if ever there was a message...this gigantic angel was surely all I needed.  So, the next day, I went to Barnes and Nobles to exchange the book and get a copy of The Messenger by Nick Bunick.  I searched around the religious area, the metaphysical area.... to no avail.  I could not find the book.  I asked for help and was told it must be sold out.  I was leaving the store when I noticed one single copy just sitting there amongst a pile of other books!  Well, I grabbed that book and considered it....a miracle of sorts. 
Once I went home, I made myself a large cup of tea and settled in on the couch with the tea and book and a cozy blanket and began to read.  Well, by the time I reached page 22, I was on the phone calling all of my best friends to tell them to go out and get the book...it was the explanation for my 444 sightings.  I couldn't not believe that this book was all about people...of all walks of the earth who have the same experiences with seeing the number 444.  It is the message from the angels. 
The book continues on with story after story of amazing occurrences connected to that number sighting.  I was hooked and relieved...I wasn't the only one who saw it. 
Now, since that time, the 444 sightings have continued.  and I have many of them I could continue writing them, one after another...but for today, I will share one of my stories. 
It was November of 2001.  My mother-in-law became sick.  I had come home from setting up the show at The Grove and was going to start supper.  She informed me when I got home that she was bleeding vaginally...not typical for a 76 year old and told her that I would call the dr. as soon as I put dinner on and make an appointment.  While I was putting supper in the oven, she called me from the bathroom to see.  When I walked into the bathroom all I could do was gasp!  There was blood everywhere.  I immediately called an ambulance and had her rushed to the hospital.  Turned out, after numerous tests that she had a few small holes in her stomach from all the medicines she had been taking for years.  They decided to not cauterize the holes, they said they were small and would heal on their own.  They took her off all the meds and said she would just recover slowly.  Well, that was a joke!  By the time I brought her home, she was pretty much bedridden and in horrible pain.  I set up a baby monitor in her room and one next to me on the couch in the living room so I could be near her and take care of her.  Well, weeks went by and she needed to be taken to the bathroom but couldn't really walk well.  Even though I got a hospital bed pan chair...she refused to use it.  So pretty much all day and night long, I took care of her.  I would carry her back and forth and make her as comfortable as possible...just waiting for the turn of events where she would feel better.  there is nothing more heartbreaking that to be bathing someone who sits there with a look of helplessness in there eyes. 
Well, the next day, she called me to come take her to the bathroom.  I sat down in this large wing back chair to put on a pair of socks on her feet...now I have to tell you I was tired...not only physically but also emotionally.  I honestly didn't think I had any more in me.  I looked at the clock in her room which had enormous numbers that glowed in the dark and the numbers read 444.  I took her to the bathroom, got her back to bed and as I was leaving the room, she said :God bless you for everything that you have done for me".  I just told her to get some rest...that it was nothing.  I went to the bathroom and sat down and cried.  I was exhausted. I didn't know if I could do this any longer.  I prayed in that moment to God to do one of two things...heal her or take her home.  I then went back to the couch to lie down and heard a horrible noise coming from her and jumped up and ran to the bedroom.  She informed me that it was just the pain and she was turning...not to worry.  I returned again to the couch to hear another curdling yell form her and ran once again to her side only to be retold the same.  She told me that if she needed me she would tell me to come and not to worry about the cries of pain.  I returned to the couch and fell asleep.  The next day, as fortune would have it...My daughter who helped to take care of her was gone until noon...my husband didn't need to be at work until 1 and I had an opportunity to get away to do something.  All the stars were lined up that this could happen.  I was just about ready to leave when I decided to wake her up (she always slept in late because she was up most of the night) and see what I could make her for breakfast before I left.  When I crossed over the threshold of the bedroom, I knew instantly that she was gone.  We called the police and the ambulance and made the next steps for the wake and funeral.
Now, there was quite the disturbance at the funeral home.  Every family has its share of problems and of course, ours was no difference.  I was a basket case by the end of the night.  When I got home that evening I had no idea how I was going to make it the next day.  I wanted to deliver the eulogy and had no idea how I would have the strength to do it.  The next morning, I took a pillow outside on the front stairs of the house and sat down and prayed.  I asked for strength and help to get through it all.  Suddenly, the most amazing light shined down and in that moment I knew all was going to be alright.  I felt the presence of angels.  I got up and went in to get my purse and car keys and drove to the Polish store down the road to buy some polish sausage and rye bread to have in the house, just in case anyone came back to the house after the funeral and the luncheon...something we always did in these circumstances.  When I exited the store...one I had gone to a million times and sat behind the wheel of the car...there on the side of the building on a huge red billboard was advertising and there on that billboard were the numbers 444.  I knew all would be okay...the angels were there with me.  Now, you would think that would be enough for the day...but there is more.  We went to the funeral home and then to the church.  I got up and had the strength to get through the eulogy and I even drove the fan behind the funeral car and as we were exiting the parking lot of the church...there parked right near the exit, was a car with the license plates with a 444 in them.  We were astonished...the angels were traveling with us.  We went to the cemetery and then to the luncheon.  When the waitress brought me the bill....as you may have already guessed...the last 3 numbers of the bill were 4.44.  From beginning until the end, I was being told that the angels were with me.  I could probably overwhelm you with how these numbers and appearances have been part of my life.  I see them almost on a daily basis.  If you are ever looking for a good read....read the book.  If you are ever questioning a message or sign and see 444...then you have become part of the circle.  If you have another sign....God bless.  I am grateful for my signs.  I am grateful to have angels walk with me.  If any of you feel you could share you experiences...please feel free to share on the comment page.  I would love to hear them...whether they are a 444 experience or simply another sign.  I feel that when we share...it helps others understand...they are not alone.

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