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Good Vibrations for You

Good morning to everyone and happy weekend!  Today is my eldest granddaughter's 18th birthday.  Happy Birthday Sarah!  My how that time has flown!  She has grown into an absolutely beautiful young lady that I am very proud over. 
Well, today's blog is about Vibrations.  You might wonder why I have chosen this particular subject.  Well, it goes back a ways....about 18 years ago, when I though life was turning crooked on it's axis.  I felt totally out of sorts and needed a change...not on the outside, but on the inside.  I began learning about the vibrations that are available to us and how to gain from them.  I began to read about stones and their vibrations, and colors and their vibrations. It moved on to food and drinks.  Then it progressed to sounds and mantra's.  It all started to make sense to me.  I started paying greater attention to how the sounds especially made a difference.  I had read about a mantra circle and a group of us tried and tested it.  It was amazing.  The vibrations that come off of human voices is truly touching.  We would sit someone in a circle and form a particular healing circle around the person and test the different sounds.  From an ah to om.  We could see different reactions to different people. 
Did you ever wonder why some music is better suited for you than others?  Did you ever stop to think about how the music makes you feel?  And did you ever why your tastes in music changes?  Each instrument is connected to a particular vibration and can cause a reaction to you physically.  Did you ever have a sound or a form of music that irritates the daylights out of you?  Well, evidently, that sound is too much for your chakra.  Did you know that drumming music is the best music to attune your body to the vibrations of the earth.  It can slow your rhythm right down in sync with the earth itself, making you more relaxed and calm. 
Did you know that music can aid in a babies mental growth.  A child's intelligence can be formed at infancy by the sounds they hear. 
I can remember playing Mozart all the time for my granddaughter when she was young.  In fact I played it in the house and in the car wherever we went.  I sang all the time to her and she has turned out to be a pretty impressive, intelligent young lady.  I even, at times, laid down and we listened to drumming music when she would become upset over something.  It would calm her right down.  There are all types of music out there...and we all have a special sound that we enjoy.  For me, depending on the mood I want to feel, I put on that type of music.  The sounds of drums and birds and water are very relaxing and soothing to me.  It  calms my soul.  When my husband plays his music...it is sometimes like nails on a chalkboard to me.  I love music and at one time in my life I loved the music he plays...but for now...it is definitely not the best music to hear.  Funny how our needs and likes change.  Nothing seems to stay forever.  
In my years of testing the sounds...I discovered that some can make a person weep and some could make one scream.  Some music can put you to sleep or make you want to jump around and dance. When music is played loudly...you can feel the vibrations through the floor.  The deaf are able to dance through feeling the music through their feet. 
If you have ever had to go through an MRI, you are given the choice of having music played to keep you from getting upset or anxious. 
Octaves above Sound - notes have color

We hear about ten octaves of sound and see about one octave of light with our eyes.

Because going up an octave is doubling, each octave has a bandwidth (range of frequencies) that is as large as the sum of all bandwidths of the preceding octaves (similar to each time a population doubles). This means that visible light, 41 octaves up from from the middle of our hearing range, is an octave with a bandwidth many times greater than that of all 10 octaves of the hearing range. So the human eye has a very wide range even though it sees in only one octave.

C Green
C# blue green
D blue
D# blue violet
E violet
F re violet


F# red
G red-orange
G# orange
A yellow orange
A# yellow
B yellow green
So if the sounds are good...so are the particular colors.  Whether you see them or wear them...they are soothing to you as an individual.  Think of it in foods as well.  Consider what types of foods that you eat...what color are they?  My Grandmother always told me to eat every color on my plate.  Why?  To be balanced.  When we don't our bodies become out of balance. 
I started thinking about how relaxing I am when I am painting.  I am using the color wheel when I paint and am feeling instantly better.  When I have to paint in certain colors...it can change my mood. 
So take a look at it today....look at the colors around you...how they make you feel.  Think about them in terms of food...how does a freshly squeezed lemon make you feel?  and then play something in A#.  Is it uplifting.  How does the sun feel when it is shining.  Are you happy?  Get the good vibrations that will build a happier you.  Try it out today.  what have you got to lose?


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