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The Nesting Syndrome

Good morning to everyone.  Hope that your weekend has gone well. I have a baby shower to attend today, looking forward to enjoying the afternoon with friends.  The thought of a baby shower took me to also other showers and made me start to think about why men never have any things like a shower? 
Well, today's blog is about nesting.  It began with going to make coffee this morning.  My coffee pot is right next to the kitchen window and right outside my kitchen window is a make shift 3 foot long bird feeder where I feed the birds on a daily basis.  Still half in slumber, I began pouring the water into the coffee pot when my husband asked if I saw the egg?  In my morning blur I couldn't imagine what he was talking about.  He then proceeded to point out that there was an egg in the feeder.  When I looked out, sure enough...there it was.  I am so excited now to see what will happen next.  I am curious on whether the mother bird was just momentarily gone or whether she will return shortly.  It will be interesting to see just how the other birds will react to this.  I pray that all will be well with this egg and its valuable contents.  Seeing this egg made me wonder about the nesting habit that occurs in women.  When you are pregnant, you are awaiting the child to grow and become ready to face the outside world.  Others, upon hearing of the news, become excited over it as well, and of course there is usually a baby shower.  At least that is how it is done here with most people that I know. 
For me, when I became pregnant for the first time, my mother for some reason, didn't believe in baby showers.  she thought it to be bad luck.  If something should happen to the pregnancy...then what?  So, my mother, instead of hosting a baby shower....showered me with gifts for the nursery.  She would take me shopping and allow me to pick and choose the items that I needed or wanted.  She helped me decorate the room, which I had chosen Raggeddy Ann and Andy.  The colors were bright.  There were Primary colors of blue and reds and orange along with white. The room had white furniture and everything that one could imagine.    I was although disappointed that I wouldn't have a shower with all my friends and family to laugh and have fun with, but the room was ready...and so was I.
Now, unbeknown to me, a neighbor and a couple of close friends had decided to throw a small quaint shower for me. 
The day that the shower was scheduled for I was feeling quite tired.  My husband and I went shopping at a store called Venture.  One of those that would have been comparable to a Target store today.  When we were in the check out line, my back hurt so much that I literally leaned over the line where you place the items you are purchasing.  When we arrived home, my husband said he and my friend's husband were going to a shooting range and he would be back later.  I bid him farewell, and was supposed to go across the street to my neighbor's house, because she was going to hem a gown for me that I was wearing in a couple of days to my friends wedding. Well, that was not what happened.  I was so tired, I laid down in bed and fell asleep.  The phone rang and when I answered it...it was my friend asking me where I was,  I told her I was so tired and could we perhaps do this a little later.  She kept insisting that I come over right then.  I promised I would, but honestly couldn't find the energy.  I laid back down, thinking ....just a few more minutes...and fell asleep again.  About a half  hour went by and the phone rang again.  She was wondering where I was.  I told her I just wasn't feeling myself....now mind you, I was about 2 1/2 weeks away from delivery.  Well, I finally knew I needed to get myself together and go over.  I could barely make it up the two stories of her house carrying my gown.  When I walked in, imagine my surprise when they yelled surprise.  It was truly  one huge surprise!  There they had sat for an extra hour or so waiting for me.  I felt so bad.  Well, in the end it was a wonderful day, I had so much fun....and to top it off...I went into labor the next night.  It explained it all.  My body was preparing for the long task ahead.  The room for the baby was ready as was my body.  
When I think about babies and showers...it is almost as though all of our maternal instincts seem to kick in and want to be a part of the nesting for the new child.  Funny how things change through the years as well, the colors are so different these days.  Even the fact that you know most of the time whether the child is going to be a boy or a girl.
Well, today we will celebrate the coming of a little boy.  I have painted four canvas' to put in his room with the theme which is whales and his initial.  
I thought about that egg that I have sitting there in the bird feeder and  thought about its message.  Eggs are for new beginnnings. They represent spring and well, I am hoping that the weather will follow suit.  
As for me and their nesting abilities.  I guess my thoughts were that the men actually do the nest building.  they assemble the cribs, make money for the lives and leave the rest up to us.  Either way, the upcoming baby will be well cared for.   

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