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Hop to it..I saw a RABBIT!

Good morning to all.  Another dreary and wet day ahead....at least here in the Chicago land area.  I must not complain.  I am feeling so bad for all the victims of the tornadoes that have blown through the southern states.  My heart and prayers go out to them.  I cannot imagine what that must feel like.  To lose all of your life's belongings...not to mention the physical losses, in the matter of minutes. The weather is one thing in life that we have absolutely no control over!  
Well, today's blog is about seeing a rabbit.  Yesterday, when I returned home from the store, upon parking in my driveway, there sat a full grown rabbit, beneath the bird feeder just chowing down.  In all the years that I have been feeding the birds, I have never noticed a rabbit eating there.  I was especially surprised over the fact that the car pulling in didn't frighten the rabbit away.  My husband and I just sat there watching as he chomped away.  The birds were not at all afraid and I commented on how well they all got along.  I was really mesmerized by this animal.  It was amazing that my husband didn't notice him until I pointed him out.  The more I looked at him, the more I realized that his coloring blended in quite well with all the stones and bricks.  Almost camouflaged if you will. 
We sat and watched so that it wouldn't get chased away by opening up the doors, so it could get it's tummy full. 
We must have sat there for 5 minutes and just watched.  Once we got out of the car, of course the rabbit hopped away.  I came into the house and I put away the items from the store.  I didn't give it any more thought until this morning.  I sat here wondering what the meaning for seeing a rabbit was.  It seems that some unusual sightings have occurred...first, the other day, there was an egg laid in our bird feeder...which by the way, is still there and it seems has been abandoned and now we had this quite large rabbit eating below it for us to see in broad daylight.  So, naturally, I had to look up the meaning of rabbit. 
. MEANING: When the presence of opportunity arises leap for it quickly. Rabbit is a symbol of fertility. Rabbit shows us new growth in artistic areas and new projects. Growth is assured when moving in balance. Are you moving to fast or too slow? Rabbit has quickness and agility. Take advantage of the opportunities that arrive quickly and may only be shown for a short period of time. Rabbit also is a symbolism for fear. Are you always running away from what frightens you? They ask you to face your fears with care and gentleness. As humans it is our nature to feel fear at times but we are shown to not let our growth and movement become paralyzed by our fears.
Now this was quite interesting.  The egg's symbol of course is fertility as well.  Well, at my age...I am not at all concerned over having a child, but the artistic fertility was interesting.  You see, I have been considering drawing up some patterns to submit for a national painting convention held by the Society of Decorative Painters that will be held here in Illinois next year.  I have tossed it back and forth over whether I should attempt such an undertaking.  Well, after chewing on it...I believe that perhaps I am being told to look at this opportunity.  It has not just been a whim, but I have discussed even the materials that I might consider using to paint on.  Now the alternate part of this is that it truly is scary. I am confident of my talent...but fearful at the same time. 
I suppose that now that I am presented with these symbols, that I need to act on them.  I will definitely look at this opportunity with fresh eyes.  We never know what will change the direction of our lives...yesterday, that simple rabbit gave me direction.  I am going to chow down myself and draw up those patterns and submit.  I have nothing to lose. 
The one thing that I have learned in this lifetime is that there are symbols and messages all around us if we only stop and pay attention.  Are you seeing symbols?  Have you ever thought to look up their meanings?  Perhaps it is time.  Perhaps we are so busy in this hectic life of ours that we don't pay closer attention to the little things. 

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