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A Dog Named Goose

Good morning to everyone.  Hope your day is going well.  It is a gorgeous morning here in the Chicago land area. There is so much on my agenda today to do.  One of the things that I am working on are some patterns to submit as a teacher for the National Painters Convention for next year.  I have been back and forth on a number of different things to draw up and really need to sit down and just start the process.  I sometimes think that I weigh things too much in my mind.  I know need to make some decisions. 
As for today's blog...it is about my neighbors dog.  I must tell you, of all the dogs I have ever seen in my life....and there have been many, this is by far, one of the smartest dogs I have ever know.  Goose is a 10 year old chocolate lab.  His owner is a neighbor and on the day that he bought him 10 years ago, brought him over to my house for the two of us to meet. 
I was therefore, the first woman in his life!  Well, as the years have gone by, I have admired the way that my neighbor has taken care of this beautiful animal. He cooks special meals for him on a daily basis. When I go to Shipshewana, Indiana, I bring him ground flax seed home from the bulk food store.  It is put in with his meals to help keep his coat nice and shiny.  Mike, that is the name of my neighbor, takes time and lots of love for this precious fellow.  From having him put through dog training school and working with Goose on a daily basis..Goose has become one simply amazing dog that listens to Mike's every word and command...that is, until Goose sees me. 
I am not sure why the bond between Goose and I are is so strong, but it is.  Mike has told my husband that nothing can deter Goose from a command, except for me!  I guess that since I was the first female in his life...I am that other person important to him. 
Saturday, I returned home from shopping and Goose sat there on the front lawn while Mike went about his business of cleaning the front porch and Goose just stared me down.  His eyes just waited for me to make contact with his.  When I finally decided to cross the street, Goose rose and the tail started going back and forth.  Once I reached the curb, there he was on his hind legs with loads of kisses and his paws around my neck.  Other neighbors came out and he never budged from me.  Mike would tell him to get down...he would for  minute or two and then he was right back to the hugging and kissing.  I felt bad that I didn't have any treats on my...you see, he is used to treats from me.  When I mentioned the word treat....he stopped and looked straight across the street to my front door where I normally keep treats for him.  And the treats are not always the store bought ones...they are homemade, organic dog cookies.  Sometimes as a surprise, I will purchase a decorated, carob covered cookie for him.  This dog has been in the house all winter without seeing me and yet he looks for those treats and knows where they are kept. 
Now you would think that this is the only thing special about him....but it is not.  One of the most amazing tricks he was taught was an old carnies trick...you know the one where the put a ball under a cup and there are three cups and the cups are mixed around for you to find the cup with the ball.  As a kid I used to own one of those tricks....they were plastic walnuts and a marble if I recall correctly.  Well, Mike taught Goose the game.  He called me over one afternoon to show me Gooses new trick.  Mike place down 3 of his mothers china cups on the ground (if Mike's mom was still alive, she would have died right there), and the then showed Goose a sponge balled which Mike termed as Cheese.  He would have Goose watch as he placed the ball under the cup on the sidewalk and then shuffle the cups around and when he was finished would ask Goose :Where is the Cheese"?  Goose, never hesitating for a moment would take his chocolate covered paw and tap on the top of one of the 3 cups and sure enough, the ball was there...not once, not twice....but every time! 
Mike and Goose go fishing and Mike has a sleeping bag for Goose.  They go out on the lake at night to fish and when it is bedtime...Goose will crawl into the sleeping bag and lay down.  Mike has apparel for Goose as well.  We live off the woods and many times they go for their daily tromp though it.  After Goose had his paw cut from glass from a broken bottle, Mike purchased boots for Goose.  He also has a raincoat for the rainy days.  Now most people might think that only woman dress up their dogs....mostly because it's cute....but Mike dresses Goose out of love and caring.  He doesn't want anything to happen to his best friend.  I can totally understand that.  It is so alarming to me when I hear or read about animals being mistreated....Well, this is surely not the case for a Dog named Goose.  He has his best friend at his side and a neighbor lady...that's me on the other side of the street!

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