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Can an Angel Look Like Us?

Well technically, I must say good morning...but it is rather close to afternoon.  What a day it has been so far.  I have drawn up some sketches to submit for painting a 3 foot statue of a rose for the city of Niles.  I have put in three submissions.  One for Howard Street Inn, one for Edward Jones and another for a random selection.  I am very excited.  I went and showed them to the business' that have participated and drew up what they asked for and was delighted to know they were pleased.  Tomorrow, I will hopefully get the roses to start painting.  I will keep you posted as to what it will all be and post some pictures along the way.  The roses will stand in front of local businesses as art for all to enjoy.  In November, they will be put up for auction for the city and their local charities. 
Now onto the blog.  Today's blog is  about an incident that happened quite some time ago.  The home that we used to live in seem to have all types of odd and crazy happenings.  I would have to say that it was one of the most haunted places I had ever experienced...or so it seemed.  I would have strange things happen like the feeling that someone was sitting down in my bed at night.  A scary basement that not only was I afraid of, but also grown men as well.
Well, after living there about 14 years, I was surely happy to leave.  Now once we bought the house we are currently in, We had not yet sold our old home.  The reason was due to the death of my father in law and having moved my mother in law in with use there and her entire apartment.  We seemed to walked through boxed aisles until we finally made the purchase of this new home and got everything our of the old one.  Once that was accomplished, we were able to fix a few of the odds and ends on the old house and give it a few coats of fresh paint.  We left some lights there on timers and a couch and of course the appliances in the kitchen remained. 

After a month or so, the house finally sold and my husband and a friend of his went over to the house the day before closing to remove some items and on the front door, we had a door knocker with our last name engraved on it.  My husband and hi friend were in the front vestibule of the house with the door opened in and were removed the piece when suddenly....on the inside of the house...there appeared this older gentleman.  On the INSIDE of the house.  Now my husband assured me that the rest of the house was closed off and he couldn't not have gotten in any other way...in fact, they had later checked that out!  Well, the man totally startled my husband and his friend!  According to my husband, the man was in his late 60's perhaps, with a grey suit on.  He  did not in anyway appear to look like a vagrant.  And to beat that...he spoke in my husband's native tongue, which is Polish.  He told my husband that if he were a good host, he would offer him something to drink.  Startled by the entire experience, my husband stared this man down and repeatedly asked him where he came from only to receive the same questions about offering the man something to drink.  when he was telling me this story, I was quite intrigued by it all.  I asked my husband what he did next?  My husband said that he was so bewildered by the whole experience , that he just walked to the refrigerator and gave the man a beer.  The man politely thanked him and told him :God bless you in your new home" and walked right out past the two of them and just disappeared. 

My husband and his friend took all of 10 seconds and decided to go and see where he went.  There were no cars taking off.  They each ran up and down the street  in opposite directions and looked up and down the gangways and in nearby guys, but the man vanished into thin air. 

It wasn't until much later that I read up on angels coming in many forms on earth, and I truly believe he was an angel...a blessing.  I always had dreams in that house of the fight over me...between God and the devil and God always won...and so, with all my heart, I believed that he was there protecting me and mu family. 

Now what I suppose you should know is that I have seen ghosts since I was five years old.  I saw them growing up in my families home, I saw them in our first apartment and still see therm today, even in my new home.  But that last home, was something different.  It felt evil.  There were times when I felt pressed down to my bed and couldn't get up or scream for help.  Today when I watch some shows on the paranormal, or read books on it...it seems that many have experienced the same thing.  I have had dreams that come true almost the very next day as well.  All I know is, I believe that angels can appear in all forms. Can I prove it...of course not...but I believe it...just as I believe that thee is air to breathe even though it is not visible to the human eye. 

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