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3 Amazing Women

Good morning to everyone.  A very wet and rainy morning has greeted me...and even before my eyes opened and I could visually see the rain, my bones told me so.  Funny how as we develop these problems...like arthritis...the more we should be labeled weather men and women. 
Well, today's blog is about mothers and grandmothers.  As I look back at my life, I  consider myself to be an extremely RICH woman. No, I am not financially rich, but rich in the sense that I was so blessed in my life to have the love and care of both mothers and grandmother.  I say both mothers, because I was very close to my my mother-in law as well.  Oftentimes in life..some may view their in-laws as just that...in-laws.  For me, I was blessed with 2 mothers.  Now, don't get me wrong, I argued and disagreed at times with my mother-in-law...but then...I did the same with my mother.  We are all individual people, who even though at times may mirror them, we are still all very different. 
Let me tell you a bit about my mother...she was a very strong type individual.  In fact, as I grew up...if I had to describe my mother's personality...it would be MAUDE...the character that was portrayed by Bea Arthur.  She was strong will, independent and  not afraid to show it...although, later, after her passing I learned so much more about my mother than I would have ever imagined.  Growing up...I hated that I never got to follow some of my dreams because she stood in the way.  She insisted on other paths that I certainly was not happy to go down.  For instance, I was never allowed any fun classes such as drama or art or even home economics.  She was steadfast in her beliefs that I needed to be well educated in the field of business.  Now, with that being said...she was alright with allowing me to have singing lessons and to be in various plays. etc., but that was just FOR FUN!!  In her estimation, those areas would never make me any money!  I was quite angered over it all, but in the end...she was right and she was wrong.  The funny part of it all, is that I am now an entertainer, an artist and a good cook and bakery...if I must say so myself.  I make my livelihood in these fields.  But, having the business background has helped me tremendously in how to run a business.  It took 55 years for me to realize it...but better late than never.  I am just sorry that she didn't live long enough to see it.  As for her being like MAUDE...well, I learned 55 years later that her personality traits were much different than that.  It was her facade up to complete in a man's world.  I am proud to say she was my mother.  I am proud that she directed me in another direction so that I would have choices and options.  She endured hardships to give me everything that a little girl might want...only she was never around much...and I envied girls who had that....but now that I look back on it...my mother sacrificed that by giving me to my Grandmother.  I had a bond with her that was so emotions, and she gave me other skills like how to make bread and jelly, how to cook, embroider, crochet and garden.  She taught me that to cook or bake well, I needed to know how to do it without a recipe...to use my sense of sight and touch.   My Grandmother was the yin to my mothers yang!  how lucky can one girl be. 
in law came from a very different background.  We came from the same Polish backgrounds....but very different...very different indeed!  I had never thought that there could or were any differences...but she proved me wrong.  I learned about sections of Poland being totally different.  Foods were different as were the language.  My mother in law went through World War II.  She ran for a solid year with her family before being captured.  She was put into a work camp in Salzgitter Germany.  She saw friends beheaded or shot dead in a firing squad.  She married in the camp and even made her own wedding gown from a parachute.  She ate grass for a solid year while running to escape capture.  The stories she shared later in life told me about who she was and what she endured and explained to me a lot of the so called "quirks" that used to drive me crazy.  Like what you may ask?  Well, the fear of noises around her or outside of the house.  She still held onto that fear of guns and shootings and death.  She was always on guard!  Now you would think that those traits would make her hard...but she was as soft as a fuzzy little puppy dog.  She was as loyal and as kind as well.  I will never forget when I had broken my front tooth.  It was quite an ordeal for me...we at the time really were a struggling young couple and really didn't have the money that it would take to have the dental work done. My husband and I decided that we would have to take out a loan to cover the cost of my teeth..it turned out that because of the difficulties in my pregnancies, that all my teeth were weak and I would need them all removed and would need Dentures.  A $3,000.00 bill.  Well, that was way more that we could handle.  I doubted that we could have handled a $300.00 bill in those days.  I was so worried about taking out the loan, because were were barely getting by and do have another payment was unimaginable...we had children to feed and clothe...what would we do.  Well, we figured we didn't have much choice and the next day, my mother in law showed up with $3,000.00 and handed it to me like it was nothing.  She told me to go and have my teeth done.  I almost fell to the floor.  We had not asked for the money....but there it was, in cash, in my hand.  She simply looked me in the eye and told me that it was better that I had it when I needed it, than waiting until she was dead to get the money.  From that day on, I looked at motherhood a whole lot differently.  When she got older and came to live with us and needed continuous care..I never batted an eye.  I embraced those days.  I was happy that God gave me those precious times with her.  I learned so much from her. I learned how to make pierogi's, and crepes.  I took her on her first vacation ever.  We took her to the first place she came to when she was sponsored to come to America.  I videotaped our visit for us and generations to come.  She taught me lessons about love and family and how important that really was. 
So, in my lifetime, I was gifted by wonderful moms and a grandmother.  They are each part of what made me who I am today.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU to each of them.  They gave me more than they ever would have realized.  I just pray each day that I can be the same inspirations to those I love and care about.  That through me, they see them.  Those wonderful women who molded me into who I am today.  Some day we will meet again, I am so sure of it....and I will be able to sit and share a cup of tea and tell them face to face or soul to soul  how important they are to me.  Sometimes in life...we don't realized what our every day actions do to another person. Well, they did plenty...above the call of duty and I am very grateful!  So to the 3 amazing women in my life.. JOAN, PEARL and MARIA,

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