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My Blog

Is the Glass Half Full or Empty

Good morning to everyone...another gorgeous day here in the Chicago land area.  I could really get used to this.  If only the weather would stay at this temperatures.  In the 70's...I would be so extremely happy.  It was so great to sleep with a cool breeze blowing through the windows. Well, a busy day ahead of me...I have my painting chapter meeting today.  I am looking forward to meeting the ladies. Oftentimes, this is the only time that I get to see them.  Tomorrow is Mother's day.  I will be with the Alzheimers performing a Mothers Day program.  I look forward to being with them all. 
Well, today's blog is about a glass being half full or half empty.  I know this might be a very controversial topic, but even when I am feeling that the glass might be half empty on days when my pain is high, things don't go my way, people irritate me for some reason...it always makes me contemplate the situation and in the end I see that the glass is half full....and constantly refillable.  That alone. is an amazing thing.  REFILLABLE...how come no one puts that into the equation?  Sometimes, the amount varies by day or situation.  but knowing that it can keep refilling itself is called hope.  I cannot imagine that there is a person on this good green earth that always sees their glass as half full.  I think there are moments when we are sad and lonely, lost and wandering and the glass seems less full.  It is what ideas and concepts and changes of attitudes that make the glass fuller.  The things that we go out and do for ourselves and for others that can make the glass full to the top. 
The one thing that I began to think about was the word in that phrase....GLASS....That glass can shatter at any moment.  Therefore, it is a precious item.  It is to me, our minds.  Our minds are what perceives what we feel each and every day.  When you think about the brain and what it does....how many functions it performs...it is staggering.  If it goes haywire...all of our thoughts may go amiss.  We talk so often of how important it is to take care of our bodies.  We must eat right, exercise and diet.  But we seldom hear of what we need to keep our minds strong.  I know that by doing the fore mentioned it will aid in keeping it supplied with the right minerals...but what about making it strong?  Every other commercial displays ways to keep a healthy body, all the various ways and companies that will help you to lose weight.  There are various commercials about foods. Even commercials about medicine to keep you moving....because a moving body is a healthy body.  My question is...what about the mind? 
It is easier to get on disability with a physical illness than it is with a mental illness.  There are conditions like severe anxiety or panic syndromes that are crippling to people and yet not commonly recognized as an illness.   I see mental malfunctions are part of many aging diseases, yet are not limited to them.  There are so many depressions seen in children these days, more suicides, shootings, stabbings and I wonder where there minds are at?  There are people who are afraid to let anyone know that they are suffering real legitimate fears because of the way others may perceive them.  Whose glass is half empty now?  Well, in my opinion, it can be both the sufferers and those who are their judges.  How can we refill their glasses?  When I drink from a glass, I know that when it becomes low or empty..I can walk to a source and refill the glass.  Perhaps we need to start to look at how this can happen.  have you ever had a glass that was full, tip over and all it's contents spill out?  Has there ever been a time in your life when you feel you have lost everything?  Was it because you chose the situation or it just happened.  Do you wallow in the pain and then move on and pull yourself together and continue on and refill your glass.  I think that I will continue to think of my glass as REFILLABLE.  That word seems to be more reasonable to me.  It seems that the word refillable is a more hopeful word and if their is hope...there is happiness. 

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