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Good morning to everyone.  Well, to all who are moms...I want to wish you a Happy Mothers Day.  What a beautiful day. Working today with the Alzheimers.  Great way to spend the day. 
Well, today's blog is about Forgiveness.  I know that it might seem like an unusual topic for mother's day, but I thought about how many times a mother must have to forgive.  As I thought back in my life, I considered all the times that my mother and even my grandmother and I were at odds.  We had differences of opinions as most mothers and daughters do.  There may have been quiet times where we didn't speak.  Words seem get choked back.  But fortunately, they always seemed to forgive and forget. 
Late last night, I received a call from my daughter. First, I must tell you that it was VERY late last night, but my youngest granddaughter was ill and so she was keeping me updated.  As the conversation progressed, we  discussed so many things in life.  She had given me more compliments about being a good mom...words I had really never thought I would ever hear.  She also shared her inner most thoughts about her sister and how she misses her.  She told me that she would love to reach out to her, but doesn't want that to hurt me.  I told her that happiness is all I want for them both.  If she felt that it was the right thing and time to do it...then she should follow her heart.  I explained to her that I had learned to forgive and that I did that long ago.  All a mother ever wants is for the children to be happy and sometimes that takes courage. 
When I look at life and some situations, so much pain and hurt goes to the grave with so many.  It is far better to work it out together than alone, after one has passed away!  There is a movie than always sticks in my mind...it is Heidi with Shirley Temple.  Growing up it was always one of my favorites.  In the story, the Grandfather gets custody of his granddaughter, Heidi.  Long before her arrival, his son and he had a disagreement about who he loved and wanted to marry.  The man forbade  the marriage, but the son married anyway.  The towns people took the side of the son and the Grandfather...so angered by the betrayal, kept himself on the mountain away from everyone.  The son married the girl and left and the father and son were never reunited.  The son and his wife were killed and now the child, Heidi, comes to live with the Grandfather.  It is hard for him to  open his heart because he not yet forgiven the son for the act of the so called betrayal.  Eventually, Heidi opens his heart and upon one evening, she brings him a book to read.  It is a bible for children. The story is the Parable of the Prodigal Son.  She cannot read most of the words and asks her grandfather to help read the story.  As he reads the story of the son who goes away and returns  and the father gives him the finest of coats and opens his arms to him, she notices that the grandfather knows the story by heart.  He realizes his need for forgiveness.  Not only does he proceed in his heart to forgive his son but also forgives the town people.  It is upon that moment of forgiveness that so much love is shown by all.  For me, it shows that holding onto to grudges and not forgiving closes you away from the world and those that are in it.  Forgiveness opens the doors. 
So if today, there is someone that you need to forgive, my advice would be to take that step.  Even if the person you forgive doesn't return to the fold, the act of forgiving opens your heart and releases all that you have harbored for perhaps too long.  I would rather go to my grave with a heart who has forgiven and is sad than with a heart that is angry and mad.  Mothers and children.  A mother carries a baby next to her heart for the 9 months and keeps it there all her life.  No matter what happens...good times, sad, times, hard times, that child remains next to her heart until her dying day. 

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