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Water Bottles...not exactly what you may think!

Good morning to everyone.  The weekend is gone and another work day appears.  Today, the temperatures are predicted to reach 87 degrees here in the Chicago land area...with major storms anticipated.  I can indeed attest to the storms approaching.  When I awoke, I could barely move because of the pain caused by the changes in the barometric pressures. A few hours later, when my husband woke, he walked into the living room and bid me a good morning...I just looked at him with a half grin and responded...all I can say today is "morning"!  For those who don't quite understand fibromyalgia or psoriatic arthritis...let me educate you...the humidity and the changes in the pressure with weather can be extremely painful to one suffering from the fore mentioned diseases.  So, if you have these as well...we will have to just try a little harder to get through this day!  I pulled out my water bottle this morning, placed it on the bottom of the lower back...I am just about ready to fill another couple for the neck and the shoulder.  I will there were heat pads that could be placed on the hands like gloves.   I may have to pull out the paraffin waxer ad do my hands today as well.
Well, that leads me to the topic for today.  I imagine some of you may not quite know what a water bottle is.  You see, in my youth, it was the only option available to heat up an area.  Now, that was not it's only function as I will explain as the story continues.  I imagine for many, you thought of the plastic water bottle that you drink out of...but back in my day...you either drank from the faucet or the garden hose.  There were no other options.  In those days, a water bottle was made from a thick rubber with a screw in top.  You would fill the object with very hot (not boiling) water.  We would use it to place on sore joints.  It was used as well when a young lady suffered from stomach cramps from her periods.  Now, it was also used as a heating source.  When I was a young girl, the home I resided in with my mom and grandparents only had a small space heater to warm the entire house and it was placed in the kitchen.   That meant, the only room with real heat was the kitchen.  During the winter, my grandmother would fill 3 water bottles up and place them strategically at the foot center and just below the pillow on my bed, under the blankets and comforter.  This would warm up the bed and once I was ready to get into the bed...Gram would remove the 3 bottles and place one new hot one at the bottom of my feet.  This kept me toasty warm throughout the night. 
Now, in my house there were water bottle aplenty.  In fact, at least one was always hung up on the wall in the bathroom, along with all it's connective tubes.  Now, I am sure you are now questioning the tubes...right?  Well, you see, a water bottle was also the way that an enema was given as well.  The water bottle was filled with lukewarm water and soap.  The tube connector was screwed in and the tubes were attached to it.  There was a piece on the tube that could be turned to allow the water to flow or turned off to stop the flow of liquid.  At the end of the tube was a piece that was placed in the end of your backside. The water bottle hung up, the tube once properly placed was turn on and the water solution flowed until you couldn't hold any more and then was turned off.  You waited a bit until all was ready to exit.  Hence, you went through phase one of an enema.  Now, in my day...if you complained that your stomach was upset...this was the way that my grandmother took care of it.  She was under the belief that a clean colon meant a healthier body.  It was much, much later in life that I realized that this was the treatment often suggested by Edgar Cayce.  It is also today's holistic approach as well.  Today, unlike in my day, you can even go and have colonics done.  Pretty much the same process, but with a greater volume of water.  I have even read about coffee enemas as well.  They are supposedly the best. 
It is funny to me how times have changed. 
When I first got married, my mother in law lived in a home that had radiators.  On the radiator, she always kept a sew tube like bag that was filled with sand.  That is what she used on her bones and joints when they ached.  In summer it would sit on the window in the sun to get warmed. 
Since electricity and the invention of the microwave, we have electric heating pads and rice or flax seed filled material bags in various shaped to put around or on top of sore joints.  Only difference is....you now need electricity or an electric appliance to prepare it.  A water bottle works just as well;, and you don't have any cords hanging around.  It is portable and can travel well and doesn't add much weight to your luggage.
But the biggest thing here for me is that most of the people walking around today will not have any idea of what an old fashioned water bottle is anymore.  Times....they are a changing!

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