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The meaning of "I don't Give a Rat's A$$"

Well good morning to everyone.  I hope that your weekend is going well and that you are getting everything you wanted accomplished.  Next weekend is Memorial Day and an extra day or two to the weekend.  I am sure you already have many plans awaiting you.   I am looking forward to the many things I need to do and will share as the week progresses. 
Well, I suppose you are wondering about today's topic.  I must say...it is one that is a little off center for me...but it was so funny and yet not funny, that I felt I needed to share this story. 
Now, I suppose you all may have heard of the phrase " I don't give a rat's a$$!" before.  I was interested in where such a phrase even came from or even why it exists.  Well, I looked it up and discovered that during the middle ages, rats were responsible for the transfer of fleas that carried the deadly BLACK PLAGUE. A bounty was placed upon each rat that was caught. Since it was not necessary to produce the entire rat as proof of capture, the rat's hind quarters were cut from the body - leaving only the tail and the "ass". The amount paid by the local governments were so low however, they were almost worthless. Hence the phrase- "not worth a rat's a$$"!
Now that I know where it came from...I have to tell you...it has nothing to do with the story...but just a bit of information. 
The story was shared by my friend to me the other day and still has me laughing just picturing the site!  Although, I must say, I won't be laughing if I were in that situation!  She has a home in the city of Chicago that also has a back house.  This basically a garage that they had turned into an additional home for their son many years ago.  Now a days, this is used as a room where her 2 handicapped grandsons play.  It has been set up for them with all that they need to get exercise and play in a safe and healthy environment.  Her daughter helps her and in fact has been trained to do so. The other day, they were in the back house and my friend needed desperately to relieve herself in the bathroom.  She would normally have walked across the back yard to her home and used her own facilities in the house, but on this particular day...she really needed to go BAD!!!  She very quickly ran into the bathroom, shut the door and upon reaching the commode, pulled down her pants and as she began to squat down, looked back and staring back from the commode....was a RAT!  It was sliding around back and forth trying to exit the toilet.  She was in such a panic that she started to scream for her daughter....who yelled back that she was busy at the moment with the children.  She continued her screaming until she switched names and began to scream for her husband who was in the yard.  She was frozen in stance and was in such a panic mode...that a woman who is normally capable of just about anything, could think of nothing to do!  All she knew was....she needed to go to the bathroom.  Luckily she did not just plop down or she might have had a rat in her A$$!   Once her husband and daughter got to the bathroom and saw what was going on, she continued in panic mode repeating that she needed to GO!!!  Her daughter handed her an empty cottage cheese container to use for relief...if you get me drift, while her they scoop up the rat and disposed of it.  Her husband explained how it might have come up through the sewer.  The thought of this is absolutely an unimaginable thing.  Her husband said the the vermin couldn't have done anything and couldn't get out because it's legs were too short!  I asked her why she didn't slam down the toilet seat on it?  Or why didn't she think to flush the toilet?  She had no answer to either question....just that she panicked and just couldn't think straight! 
Well, I can honestly say that from this day forward, I will indeed look inside the commode each time I dare tp use it. 
As I researched a little further...here is some useful information to share as well.  
when it comes to toilets, you do have a problem if your john is at ground level or in the basement--that is, where the soil pipe runs horizontally or at a very shallow angle to the sewer. Rats are good underwater swimmers, and it's no problem--believe it or not, they actually have movies of this--for rats to stroll along a horizontal soil pipe from the sewer, swim through the water-filled piping inside the toilet, and emerge in the toilet bowl. If the soil pipe runs vertically for five or six feet or more, though, you're probably safe.
I underline the word "probably." I have a note here from a Teeming Millionth employed as a janitor who claims that every rat he has ever found in a toilet during his professional career was in a top-floor apartment. From this he deduces that the rats get up on the roof, enter the soil pipe through the roof vent, and lower themselves down the pipe and into the john. Screening off the roof vent supposedly cures the problem.   Just in case you give a Rats A$$!  LOL!

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