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Denying Bad Health

Good morning,  What a beautiful, sunny day here in the Chicagoland area.  I am thrilled to have the opportunities that I have had this week.  I painted with some friends and learned a new painting technique!  Going to have fun with some friends this afternoon and looking forward to a wonderful historic fire truck ride on Friday.  The seeds that I had planted are growing leaps and bounds and soon...hopefully, a harvest of vegetables to be reaped. 
I am so grateful today for what I have. 
Last night, I received another one of those phone calls that send you spinning around!  It was because a family member was taken to the hospital with what appeared to be symptoms of a heart attack or perhaps a stroke.  The loved one on the other side of the phone was quite concerned and upset at the same time.  Why?  Well, not only for the obvious reasons, but also because that person doesn't seem to realize the danger that being overweight can cause.  Now, it is not only denying being overweight that can be a problem.  For some it may be uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure.  Others it may be chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthma. 
I recently have gone through having a dear friend diagnosed with cancer....MANY cancers.  Could this have been avoided by going and having things checked on when signs first appear. 
I am concerned today about how the general public dismiss their health issues. I can speak from experience from both sides of the pendulum.  Many years back, Actually, for about 10 years prior to an actual diagnosis, I was experiences problems that led me to believe that there was something drastically wrong with my blood sugars.  I went over and over again, insisting that there was a problem.  Unfortunately, my own self health detector was way more advanced than those available by the medical field.  They kept checking to see whether anything was wrong...and found nothing for about 10 years and then stated..uh oh!  REALLY??  Now, 10 years later they diagnosed me with diabetes.  Now, I really should have listened to myself and researched how to avoid the increasing disease...but since the doctors told me I was okay....I stupidly believed it and didn't do anything.  Perhaps, at the first signs of a problem, I should have taken better care of my diet.  I have always fought a weight problem, since I was a young girl.  I can remember already being placed on a diet at the age of 5.  Now that I look back on those days, I wish that instead of a diet, they would have trained me in better dietary habits.  I loved to eat all those homemade cookies and breads and cakes...but if I would taught how to eat them in moderation and also supplied with the fresh vegetables and cut fruits as well, perhaps I would have been in a different mind set. 
I can remember someone else, very dear to me, who refused to accept that he had a problem with his breathing.  I noticed on his face....which was always very red, that at his chin level, he had an actual marking....which in holistic health studies, indicates high blood pressure.  He refused and denied any health problems, but I am not the type of person to let sleeping dogs lie.  When I was in the doctors office I spoke to the doctor and made him an appointment for an hour later that day.  The doctor informed him that I had actually saved his life.  They made him sit there and take some meds until the blood pressure lowered, and if it didn't, they were going to call an ambulance.  We was ready to stroke. 
So my question is....why do we as a whole ignore the health issues at hand?  Why do we look for the easy ways out?  There are a zillion miracle weight loss drugs that supposedly help you to lose weight.  There are even surgical procedures that will help you to lose weight.  All of which, do not come with any guarantees.  The real ticket to losing weight is to modify the way you look at food.  The way you portion it out.  Is that easy?  Heck no....but a sure fire first step to changing your lifestyle and perhaps saving your life.  Are we in such a hurry these days that we are continuously using frozen foods and fast foods as our normal staple in meal preparations and substitutions?  I watched when an aunt was home alone and she was constantly eating frozen foods....and they are filled with sodium.  Definitely not what an aging person needs in their daily diet.  Have we really stopped the way we prepare our meals on a whole? 
Do we really think that these signs of poor health will just magically disappear?  I think for most of us...the answer may be yes.  We complain about the rising cost of medicine and hospital and medical care, yet we are for the most part not thinking about how what we do on a daily basis affects us.  Those of us who have been raised eating certain types of food because of our ethnic backgrounds, usually don't change it or think it is wrong for us...because it is what  we think is good since it is what we are raised up on.  Why would we question it unless we we were in a nutritional class or field of business. 
I think that we need to pay closer attention to what our bodies are saying to us.  I think that if we have to huff and puff around...we need to find out why.  And when we find out why, we need to not turn the other way and run.  We need to deal with it head on.  I think if the scale is reaching a point of us not being able to stand on it any more because it doesn't go past a certain number...we need to look at our diets and not look into the refrigerator.  If we are depressed over some issues, then we need to find someone to help us out of them.  We cannot find help if we don't seek it out. 
The final remark on this is that...no matter how difficult and daunting a problem or health issue might seem...along with doing something to change it...seek out others who understand and can share with you their strengths.  It is like the old saying of one bamboo can easily  break, but put a group of them together and they won't break...Find help in numbers....make up you mind today to make a change for the better....it may just save a life...and that life may be yours. 

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