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Lipstick the Hidden Cover-up

Good  morning.  Well, hump day is finally here.  I don't know why it seems that when there is a holiday, the week just slows down! I think it is that extra day off! 
I worked on finishing one of the Roses that I am painted for my town.  It will be on display all summer and get auctioned off in November to help the town's charities.  All I need to do now is seal it with Varnish, but it is supposed to rain today....so I am guessing that it will have to wait until tomorrow.  I have a second rose that I am now working on and hope to finish by day's end, so perhaps I will be able to get them both sealed. 
Well, today's blog is a bit of an interesting hidden fact.  Ever since I was a young girl, I have seen women all dolled up.  The cliché of putting on her face has always been a part of life. 
I myself, never truly understood why it was something that women needed to do and not men.  Now, with that being said, I am not suggesting that men wear makeup, just that women seem too want to look different.  We don't expect it out of a man.  We view them au natural and look at them with their natural beauty...or perhaps I should say.."handsomeness"? 
I know that as a young girl, we all can't wait until we can put on makeup just like mom.  We thumbed through magazines from the time we are young girls, dreaming of looking like the girls in those books.
It all starts with a little lip gloss, then it blows out of control from there.  There are so many things about makeup that you are not told about as a young girl.  One thing that most of us are unaware of in the beginning is that it has a shelf life. Hmmm...that alone should have been my first flag.  Why does it have a shelf life.  Because slowly, it is exposed to bacteria's.  We are putting that on our skins and allowing it to be absorbed.  Now, that is not the worst of it.  Lipstick is not just going on our lips...it goes into our stomachs.  Tokay, so you say...how much could that be?  Well, I read that in the average year...women who use lipstick or lip glosses or balms can ingest up to 7 pounds of it in a year...no wonder we are always watching our weight!  No...now really...the hazards are far greater than that.  We are ingesting petroleum and lead.  Now, not all lipsticks contain this...so you need to research the better ones...but you will be surprised to know the ones that do contain higher levels of lead.  What can it do to you?  Well, it can lower your IQ, cause miscarriages in adults as well as mood disorders.    Did you know that most lipstick also contain Gluten?  That is definitely something I wouldn't have though about connected to a cosmetic.
How are we eating the stuff?  Well, we are constantly lipstick our lips.  And the more flavorful, the more lip smacking we do.  If we weren't ingesting it...why would we have to keep reapplying it? 
Food for thought!  Begin to pay closer attention to that lipstick in your cosmetic bag or purse...it could be the kiss of death to you if you are not careful!  So, I suggest you look at the information out there on the brands of lipsticks if you so choose to use them.  Be as conscious of what goes on your lips as you are about what goes in you mouth.  I would have to say, if I was going to eat lipstick...I would prefer the old candy ones...remember those?  A much safer choice. 

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