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Grocery Shopping for Your Beauty Products

Good morning.  Well, here it is Sunday already.  The weekends fly by so quickly.  A very sunny and hot day here in the Chicago land area.  I suppose I need to get out and plant a few flowers today.  Will have to do that early this morning.  A performance this afternoon will keep me busy with some rehearsing as well. 
Well, todays blog had me a bit stumped.  There are days when I will just sit and contemplate what I should write about.  Will you, my readers find it of interest.  I am hoping that you are enjoying the reads.  You might ask why I blog?  Well, there are a couple of reasons.  For one, it is almost like journaling for me.  A way to sit, contemplate and often times get answers and or closures on things.  Secondly, I hope that my readers will see through the writings that I am a Storyteller.  After all, that is one of the reasons for my site.  For those of you who may not have heard me, I put a great deal of emotions into my stories and it comes from personal experiences.  I have to feel the story to be able to tell it well.  If I had any advice to give someone about how to tell a story.....that would be it. 
Well, the blog...Overcleaning your skin can be a problem.  I remember a time when I was a teenager.  I believe if I recall correctly, I was 16 years old when  I really got into this idea of scrubbing my face.  I had watched through my earlier years of skin conditioning by my Mother and Grandmother.   There didn't seem to be a lot of products at the time...at least not that I noticed in our house.  There were certain creams that were stated for certain problems.  One thing we always had on hand was Noxema Cream.  This was especially helpful should we get a sun burn.  Turns out, Noxema Cream originally was invented and marketed as a sun burn remedy in 1914  It supposedly got it's name for the NO ECZEMA  that it was good for.  In fact, it was the only thing we ever used.  The next thing came out of the refrigerator.  It was the common EGG.  Yes, the egg.  I can recall countless times when they both used an egg white for a facial.  I have to say that even once they became older...they had beautiful skin.  I don't recall them using a whole lot of makeup either.  Soap was simple...Castile soap...which I am still using today. 
Now as we all get to a certain age, as teenagers, the plaque of acne seems to appear. I was extremely fortunate and never really suffered from that dreaded problem.   But with the Seventeen magazine around, I read about all these products that I should be using.  In my day, it was all the cosmetics...Bonnie Bell, Cover Girl, Maybelline.  There was Neutrogena soaps and creams as well.  Then there came the facial scrubbers. 
Well, at one point in my life, I got an insatiable desire for oranges.  Not just one or two of them, but at my Aunt's house during a weekend visit, I ate an entire bag of them.  Well, for the one and only time in my life, I broke out all over my face.  I was devastated and having just gotten the facial scrubber, I figured with soap and scrubber in hand, I would scrub the problem away....only I made it so much worse.  Turned out I scrubbed my face so raw that I needed the Noxema on for a couple of days.  I must tell you, I scrubbed it so badly, that I needed to miss a couple of days of school.  I HAD to have the Noxema cream on my face constantly until it stopped burning.  Now that I think back on that time...I probably might have had an allergic reaction and only complicated the situation.  
I also remember as years went by, my mother met a woman whose skin was gorgeous even when she was in her seventies.  I recall my mom asking her what her beauty secret was and her answer just about floored my mom and me alike.  She told us that it was her skin treatment.  She believed in a nightly massage of CRISCO lard.  I had never heard of such a thing before...but before long...my mom was at the store buying some CRISCO....a small can to use just for her face.  I remember them using Mayonnaise on their hair as well. And then there was Chamomile tea made it pots fr a rinse on my blond hair as well as lemon juice in the summer while in the sun to streak it.   I have to laugh thinking back on it.  Our  beauty  regiments were more like cooking than anything else.  Now a days....you find more and more recommendations and recipes for beauty care just like we did before their were computers.   As I grew older and began studying the use of herbs I discovered so many amazing natural things that are for the skin and hair.  Things that just take a little time to prepare.  The problem that happens today, is people want it NOW.  It is just easier to spend a fortune on products from the store...not to mention the gas that you use getting to and from the store to purchase it.  In that time frame, usually, you could have made the solution yourself.  Well, times change, and here we are back to some basics.  The Internet and sites like Pinterest are making those old time recipes fashionable all over again.       

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