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A Modern Twist on Sadie Hawkin's Day

Good morning to everyone.  Well, the weekend is over and another week begins.  This morning it is quite muggy outdoors.  The sky is grey and overcast...looks like rain.  My bones are aching this morning...so I would imagine it will come.  I always had dismissed it when my Grandmother and later mother in law complained about the aches and pains due to the weather.  I thought it was just imaginary...but boy oh boy...was I wrong!!  I often wonder whether there is any place on earth where the change in barometric pressures don't affect ones arthritis??  Well, I definitely won't be varnishing anything outdoors today.  I will need to get things ready for another red hat event here at  my home tomorrow.  It is an Unusual Card Party.  What does that mean?  Well, we will be using a large deck of cards and make them into pieces of art using words for inspiration.  I am excited to see what their creativity will come up with. 
Well, today's blog was inspired by a conversation with my granddaughter last night.  Recently, she had posted a picture of her and her boyfriend on facebook.  At first glance, I thought she was with some girl.  Black dress, coral colored layered necklace and blond hair.  At first, the picture seemed a big strange.  The girl had large black eyebrows that stood out from the picture.  The features of the other girl just seemed a bit off.  Upon reading the caption below the photo, I realized that it was her boyfriend.  Imagine my surprise and the questions that rolled around in my head.  To top it all off....the photo had her school in the background.  I wouldn't imagine why he was all dolled up to look like a girl. 
So last night, I had the opportunity to ask my granddaughter about the young man.  She started off her answer laughing.  She explained to me that it was something that they did in school.  The boys were so called, auctioned off for the day, and she of course, bought her boyfriend. It evidently went for charity of some sort. The next day, the young man had to come to school dressed as a girl.  Not quite sure the reasoning behind it other than just for fun.  My granddaughter dressed him up and she even did his makeup.  She laughed about when it was all over...he called at night to ask how he could remove the makeup.  It took her a while before she admitted that their was a makeup remover that was easier to use than trying to scrub it off. 
I sat here thinking about how times have changed. 
The biggest thing that we girls used to be able to do back in my days was on ""Sadie Hawkins Day".  We got to actually have a dance and the girls would the boy to the dance.  That was really mixing things up.  I suppose that if you asked a teenager today about Sadie Hawkins...they would have no idea what you talking about.  I know growing up...I remember the comic strip of Lil'Abner.  The girl after him was named Daisy Mae.  I remember back in my day, for Halloween, making an outfit like Daisy Mae.  It made quite the statement!  The Sadie Hawkins appeared in the comic strip as a way for the spinster, Sadie, (quite the homely girl)to run after all the eligible bachelors and the one she caught would become her husband.   It really took off and High Schools and Colleges began the annual "Sadie Hawkins Day Dance".  That was in the year 1939.  A few later...it became popular in over 40,000 venues and continued on for years and years.  In the comic strip " Lil Abner"  it was an annual appearance.  Daisy Mae was the gorgeous, voluptuous young girl in a polka dotted cropped off top with cropped of skirt.  When I was young...we all dreamed of being as sexy as her!  Well, the comic strip of Lil Abner ran for some 43 years.   The comic strip had 60 million readers in over 900 American newspapers and 100 foreign papers in 28 countries. \It was said  the writer and artist Al Capp, "had a profound influence on the way the world viewed the American South." 

Well, things today have certainly changed...but probably only to fit the young people of today.  I wonder whether this so called event stemmed from the old "Sadie Hawkins" days of old?  Perhaps...only the young people today don't know where it came from...just that it was a fun thing to do.  I guess that is okay, but it would make it even more special to know the background and the history of it all. 

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