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Imagining the world through the View-Master

Good morning.  Sorry to have been amiss for a couple days.  Lots going on and rushing to finish  it all. 
Today's blog is about a childhood memory.  I was thinking about one of my treasured toys as a kid and one of the things that came to mind was my view master.  I remember that toy more as my opportunity to travel around the world. I kept it in a special box along with all the slides that I had to view.  Each reel was in it's separate paper slip that kept it from harm.  I can remember countless days of sitting outside on the front porch with my view master in hand, click, click, clicking away.  I remember how there were all types of reels to look at, but one of my favorite was the scenery ones.  I can remember thinking about how amazing those places were.  My desire to travel to see them.  As the years have gone by, I have been fortunate to have seen many of those sites that were once just a click away.  There were also view slides of people like Cisco Kid and Tonto.  I am not sure why I had that now that I look back on it.  Perhaps I was the recipient of some of my cousin Bob's slides. 
I don't remember what happened to my view master and slides...chances are, they got handed down to my cousin's children. 
As years moved along and I had children of my own, I recall the time when I bought view masters for my daughters.  It was amazing how they had changed from a heavy metal toy to plastic.  They didn't have the same click as they once did, and the reels were changing as well.  My girls weren't quite as interested in looking at scenery.  They wanted more updated scenes to look at.  Their attention span wasn't the same as mine. They seemed to want immediate satisfaction.  I found that it was more of me picking up that red plastic toy and clicking away.  It soon became lost amongst all the other toys.  It became part of the land of misfit toys.  Funny how the years change what is used by the young.   It seems that today, the youth are mesmerized by the electronics.  A good old fashioned view master today would definitely need to be updated to keep up with the times.  Looking for a light source is no longer needed.  It seems that they have put that into the newer versions.  You won't drive up and down the street and see kids sitting on their front porch clicking away with this great toy.  It might still be a toy bought....but I don't think that it has the staying power that it once had when I was young.  Those of us who came from an era where it was filled with intrigue over what was out there ,didn't have the televisions to show them every thing and every where  that there was to see.  Some of us who looking into those amazing little machines...are now on the roads finding those dream spots that were once a click away and created dreams for the future. 

I see that today's view-masters are made to look like characters like Spiderman and  Hello Kitty.  I see that the reels available have changed quite a bit.  It seems they are made to appeal to  the much younger aged children.  I guess everything changes.  We live in a much more technologically advanced world, but I must say, I miss the simple days of long ago. The mystery of the unknown and the desire to get out and discover it all. 

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