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A Cup of Coffee

Good morning to all.  It is already Thursday.  This week has literally blown past me.  The sun is shining outside and promises to be a lovely day.  I hope I can get everything that is on my agenda done today.  A long 2 weeks ahead of me and a great deal of things to accomplish. 
Today's blog is about Coffee.  It has been a drink that I have been exposed to my entire life.  I have gone through various stages of coffee throughout the years.  It has been most recently that I have begun to give it more thought and consideration.  
Growing up in Chicago, my grandmother made coffee daily.  She cooked it on the stove in a great big white enamel coffee pot.  To me....coffee was just that...coffee.  Grandma used to crack egg shells into the grounds and sometimes add a pinch of salt.  I can remember going to the A & P ( a grocery store that was in Chicago at that time) and going to the aisle where you purchased a bag of coffee beans, poured them into the machine that was there, and ground up the beans.  I remember how wonderful the aroma was as the machine worked its magic!  Today. there are so many varieties of coffee that it could make your head spin.  Coffee is no longer a simple drink that you added some cream and or some sugar to.  Coffee has become a gourmet drink.  From hot to cold it has become a real sensation! 
About 40 years ago, my husband had come home with an idea of  us opening up as coffee house.  I thought he was out of his mind....who in the world would come to a so called coffee house?  At that time...coffee was a quarter for a refillable cup.  I saw no future in a coffee house.  He kept insisting that we could sell different types of coffees....and I still thought he had totally lost it.  I had other ideas of how we could make money....neither of us listened to each other...and it was too bad, because we could have made a fortune! 
15 dollars for a box of individuals coffees that make 12 cups.  That is $1.00 a cup of coffee and you are making it at home.  If you walk into a coffee house like Starbucks or Caribou...you are spending on the average of $3-5 a cup. 
Recently, I was discussing coffee with my granddaughter.  She loves flavored coffee....but  agrees that spending a fortune on the expensive coffee pots and individual coffees are crazy.  I recently brought her a coffee pot for school and some flavored coffee that she was thrilled with. 
When you have left over coffee....that expensive drink....how many of  you toss it down the drain.  I like to use my left over coffee in cooking.  I add it to my stew and beef dishes.  It adds an amazing taste to gravies.  I have added it to melted chocolate for my cookies. 
When we lived in Chicago, I had a neighbor whose uncle worked for the sanitation and water department and he told her to throw her coffee ground down the drain with water.  It was a way to keep your drains clean.  I am not sure if this is a legitimate pipe cleaner...but I have done it for the past 35 years without a problem 
I have added coffee grounds as well into my garden dirt.  It can be used to deter ants.  Poured into your ashes in the fireplace to keep the dust from flying in the air while cleaning.  It can add shine to both your pets and your own hair.  The grounds can also be used as an exfoliator for your skin and placed in the refrigerator and even your shoes as a deodorizer.   
Now with all the differences of coffees, the one thing I know to stay away from is decaffeinated coffee.  One time, I went on a diet that told you not to have caffeine.  I couldn't imagine a morning with out my cup of java...so I switched over to decaf.  Well, I developed the worst headache that continued on for 3 days.  Friends told me it was because I had cut out coffee....the headache continued on for another 3 days and by then I knew I had passed the days of detoxing the coffee out of my system...but the migraine lingered.  I had a friend help me to do a test using kinesiology and discovered that I was allergic to the decaf.  You see, they use chemicals to decaf the coffee.  I cannot handle the chemicals.  So if you are perhaps having that problem you may want to check into kinesiology.    Perhaps that will be a topic for another day! So enjoy your cup of coffee and don't forget to spread the grounds around.

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