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Bringing Up Baby

Good morning to all.  Hope you day is going well.  I spent the evening at a graduation.   There were 921 graduates there.  What an amazing job well done.  Today there is a lot of preparations that will go on for a party for my own little grad. 
Today's blog is titles bringing up baby because of what I experienced last night.  I happen to know quite a few grandma's who have brought up their grandchildren.  I know that when I was growing up, my grandmother had stepped to the plate and took care of me, even though my mother was around...but she was out in the work force and fortunate enough to have her mother there to basically raise me.  Now, I understand the job is an undertaking on so many levels, and that you have a much different take on child rearing later in life.  The things that seemed so important when you were raising your own children have lessened substantially.  The time and efforts that you put into the children are so much more important and the patience you seem to have gained is amazing.  I appreciated each moment that I was able to have with my granddaughter, but last night it tugged at my heart ever so much more than I would have expected.  I don't think there was much of the 3 hours of graduation where tears did not trickle down my face.  In fact, as I type this, the tears are welling up in my eyes. 
Yesterday, at that graduation, I felt so many emotions and so may thoughts raced across my mind.  I felt the sense of pride that I was part of the reason that she was there.  That my time and skills taught her how to study and have such a high GPA.  As I helped her dress and do her nails it took me back in time to when I did her nails as a little girl.  As we laid across her bed and she shared her hopes, fears and dreams with me....I thought about what a treasured moment that was.  I sat in the chair in the collaseum remembering my own parent sitting there for my daughters and wondering whether they had the same emotions that I was feeling.  I was choked up that I was alive and there to see her graduate.  I know that probably sounds ridiculous...but there and then, the thoughts of moments in the future I was hoping to be there for.  Her graduation from college, her wedding day, the day her first child is born.  I know that I am not her mother....but yet I am.  I am still hoping that years from now, she will still want and need me there.  It is a hard thing to have raised a child for a number of years and then having to step back and let the parent step in.  I know in my mind that is they way it should be, but yet those moments of bonding with that child just doesn't go away. It doesn't even fade. 
I sat there thinking about my own grandmother. I thought about all those moments in my life that she was able to share with me and how I didn't realize the importance of it.  I hope that my close relationship spoke volumes to her. When I see women raising their daughters children...I see a whole different side of them.  People who have never worn those shoes question why we would give up the time and parts of our lives.  They have no idea how much we gain.  Last night I felt like the richest woman in the world.  The pride that I carried and the love that was there was amazing. An experience I wouldn't have traded for all the money in the world.  If you are raising your grandchildren...2 thumbs up for you!  You have become a priceless person in that young person's life and years from now...I hope that you will swell with pride like I did.  We are called the PRE-moms.  It is like the pre wash cycle in the washing machine.  We do all the extra hard work to make sure that the load comes out perfect in the end...well, at least in our eyes they do. 

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