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Alcohol, the Evil Spirit

Good morning to everyone.  I hope your weekend is going well.  I would like to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day.  Why everyone?  Well, I guess because I came from a family where all the woman had to step up to the plate and be the dad for me, I know that like all the fathers out there...there are plenty of moms and grandparents who have stepped into a father's shoes.  I know first hand from a child's view...how tough some days can be without a dad around and am grateful for those who did step up and fill the shoes. 
Today, I am addressing Alcoholism.  It has occurred to me how everyone is afraid of ghosts.  Even ghost hunters have catagorized them.  They have ghost hunting equipment to help give credence to their existence.  Ghosts can cause minor disurptions....like making noises, moving things from you.  Then can walk around like zombies, there are poltergeists, and there are ghosts who have physically scratched or pushed causing bodily harm.  Their are some that even enter a human form and caused all sorts of destruction where an exorcism has been needed.  There are many who say they don't believe in ghosts or spirits, probably because they haven't seen or experienced one. Now you may wonder where I might be going with this...well, this is for those who may need to hear this because they have an Evil Spirit called Alcohol in their life and know it, and for those who may have it in their life and don't recognize it.  It may also be for those who have never had it in their life and are open to hearing about it. 
One of the first thing we have all done as children is close our eyes when we are afraid of something.  Oftentimes, when we close our eyes, we think that the horror will go away. When you watch a scary movie, you have the option of closing your eyes to the really scary parts, but when Alcohol or rather, an Alcoholic is in your life,it can be both.  Oftentimes, the word Alcoholic is a word that is pushed off and dismissed for words like "a heavy drinker".  Sometimes it said by an Alcoholic that they can stop drinking whenever they want...and that they are not an Alcoholic.  How does this relate to ghosts.  Well, an Alcoholic can be just a scary and mean and can do as much damage to another human being...not to mention themselves.  It seems that their actual "spirit" changes.  They can become mean and spiteful.  they may say hateful and horrible words.  Some take it even farther than that.  Some cause physical harm to others.  They hurt all the people that they love in the course of their drinking;.  Their behaviors change and seems to be invisible to only themselves.  It is frightening to watch.  Sometimes those on the outside looking in, close our eyes to avoid how scary it can become.  It is not only an emotional roller coaster for the family to watch...it is also financially damaging as well.  It is hard to see a family lose everything they have because of the Alcohol. 
Most people imagine that an Alcoholic is that bum on the street in filthy clothes with a brown paper bag in their hand...but for those who think that is an Alcoholic...are you in for a surprise.  I am sure that you are never sure where or when a ghostly spirit will appear or surprise you....well, it is the same with an Alcoholic.  they are business men and woman, mothers, fathers, children, teenagers, They can be your doctor, lawyer, grocer, best friend. They can be your mother, father, sister brother and child.  You don't have to go very far to find one...the key to it is to be able to recognize that they are one.  This is the hardest part. 
I wish that an Alcoholic can see what they do to those that they love.  They don't even have to physically harm them.  They oftentimes have their children afraid of everything.  The children watch the destruction and feel trapped and have no where to turn.  they cry silently in corners for fear of what will come next.  They are often denied a normal family life and sometimes a future.  They are trapped and can't escape.  They are often left to fend for themselves and for the other members of the family. 
An Alcoholic can have literally a black out.  They can pass out, or even worse, die because of the that evil spirit in them.  That evil spirit can harm or even kill another person.  It can wipe out a bank account, cause you to sell everything you own.  It can destroy your marriage and you relationships
It amazes me when people who are addicted to having the SPIRIT in them,  They reach another plane of existence.  Once they have leveled out on the stage...they need more and more to make themselves higher.  Alcohol is a DRUG...a mind altering drug. Short-term effects of alcohol consumption include intoxication and dehydration. Long-term effects of alcohol include alcoholism, malnutrition, chronic pancreatitis, alcoholic liver disease, cancer and damage to the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system  
I often wondered why they use the word spirits as another name for Alcohol....now I understand.  It is plain and simple, it is SCARY! It is a disease with a trickle down effect that not only affects the Alcoholic but everyone around them. 
So who gains by the use of Alcohol...those who sell it and those who regulate it.  Did you know that the government gains $5.6 BILLION Dollars annually from the sale of alcohol?  Should they make it illegal?  It is funny that they regulate how many pain killers can be gotten through a pharmacy and have put any harmful allergy medicines behind a counter and limit the amounts purchased...should they not do the same with Alcohol? 
So, here is my final words on this EVIL SPIRIT.  If you, or anyone you know is haunted with the prescense of alcholol...go to AA.  If you are the family member, friend, child, spouse, or significant other...seek help at Ala non.  Why do you need help if you are not the alcoholic?  Because you life is turned upside down...you have probably stepped into a survival mode and don't even realize it....any more than the alcoholic realizes that they need help.  If a house is haunted by an Evil Spirit...you would have it blessed and cleansed...do the same for yourself.  Get help...start the road to recovery. Put the money back into your own pockets.  Live a long and healthy life before it is too late and you lose everything and everyone! 

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