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Walgreen's Ice Cream

Good morning.  Well, here it is Friday already.  It is quite gloomy here in the Niles area.  I was hoping to varnish some pieces that I have painted for the village of Niles, but it seems that the weather is not quite co[operating with my idea.  I was hoping to do it outside, but it is too humid and looks like rain is expected again.
Well, today's blog is about ice cream.  Summer seems to scream for ice cream.  Although, to be perfectly honest with you, I could eat ice cream any day of the week throughout the year...warm or cold...it doesn't really matter.  Ice Cream is my Achilles heel.    But I was sitting here this morning thinking about ice cream and one of my favorites from when I was a child.  As I pondered over all the different ways I exposed to ice cream...one of the best things I remember was going to Walgreen's Drug Store when they had the 10 for $1.00 sale.  Can you imagine?  10 pints for $1.00?  It was a great way to buy ice cream, because there were so many flavors and everyone could get what they wanted.  I hate to admit it, but sometimes, I would buy it and open up one of the pints and just eat it right out of the container. 
The best thing about it was that the containers were square.  My grandmother used to make me ice cream sandwiches with it.  The odd part of it is....I don't know whether she purchased the waffles or made them...because I cannot imagine that there was a square waffle maker machine back then.  I do know that when I recently shopped at a local Sarah Lee Outlet they had the small sized square waffles that looked exactly like the ones grandma used back then.  Since they have closed the outlets, I am no longer sure where I can locate them.  Anyway, Grandma would warm 2 of the waffles, slice the ice cream right from the square pint and sandwich it all together.  It was a yummy treat.  Also, the waffles seem to absorb any melting ice cream so it was less messy to eat. 
I think, even though today my favorite of ice cream is Vanilla...back then my favorite was the Neapolitan.  I loved that you could get 3 different ice creams for the price of one in one container.  I also loved their banana split ice cream as well. 
It seems that  Walgreens makes their own ice cream? They do! Started  back in 1912.  In fact, the invention of Walgreens immortal malted milkshake, an instant classic, by Ivar "Pop" Coulson  occurred in 1922
They still carry ice cream at a affordable price even today.  No it is no longer the 10 for $100...but still reasonable for a great ice cream.  In fact, the ice cream was manufactured in Walgreen's own plant on East 40th Street in Chicago.  Up until 1922, malted milk was basically made with milk, chocolate syrup and a scoop of malt powder.  It wasn't until one hot day that Pop Coulson added a scoop of Walgreen's ice cream to it that made it today's version of a malt.
I know as years went by...square containers were the way most ice cream were packaged in...now it seems that most are in round containers.  It is easier to keep the containers closed and away from freezer burn...but oh how nice those small container were. 
It turns out that Walgreen's was one of the original stores in Chicago that still remains and is still surviving.  A piece of history that continues to live on and has grown.  I wish that they still made those small square pints of ice cream...but am happy that they still make ice cream ...if you have never had some...think of trying some on a hot summer day soon!

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S on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 1:49 PM
I just posted to FB, pictures of a half gallon carton of Walgreens ice cream in the sink. My mom put it there overnight so we could just pour the ice cream down the drain in the morning, since it was left over from Thanksgiving. Someone brought it but we only eat organic, so we wanted to toss it. Can you believe that after 15 HOURS, it was still not melted?! I put some on a plate and put it in my room and now almost 20 hours later, it's still not melted! What kind of ice cream is this?
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