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God Gave Me a Voice..What Do I Do With It?

Good morning to all.  Hope you are having a great summer day.  I have noticed many on their vacations.  It is amazing what the computer has done to the world.  It allows us to keep up with friends and family and even acquaintances around the world.  Well, yesterday, I had to get 2 coats of varnish on my last rose.  The weather predicted was storms.  I asked God for a window of time to allow me to get the varnish on.  I must say...God was AMAZING to me.  The rain seems to blow away from this area.  I was able to get both coats on and it was  allowed to dry...an amazing feat!  I brought it in late last night...before the rain came.  I felt like Noah and the Ark.  Thank you God for answering my prayers.  Today I am to deliver the roses.  I will snap a hopefully good picture of each and post it under my page of "The Wonderful Wizard of Art". 
As for today's blog, I thought I would talk about singing and the songs that speak from the heart.  I was trained in this area for many years.  I love to sing and used my voice for many things through the younger years of my life.  I sang in the choir at church.  I even began the soloist in the church.  Ave Maria being one of my favorite songs to sing.  I remember the days of rehearsal's.  The organist's name at St. Stanislaus B. & M, the church I attended in Chicago, name was Chuck.  He was always encouraging me to continue to practice.  He believed in me and in my voice. 
Once I graduated and went to Madonna High School, an all girls High School.  I took chorus with a nun called Sister Lucretia..  I also took semi private and private singing lessons with a voice teacher.  I sang throughout high school, in plays and honestly whenever I was given the chance. 
Soon life took over.  Singing took a back seat and I went to work as a secretary.  Other than the humming going on in the closed computer room...not much singing was done.  Then I got married and then 2 years later became a mom...and the singing resumed.  It was no longer on stage but in a rocking chair as I rocked my baby to sleep.  During the daytime, as I cleaned house, the music blared on the phonograph as I sang to my hearts content.  I continued singing away until it was made mention that all I ever do is sing....well, that was enough to shut it down.  I became so self conscious of singing, unconsciously I started humming.  In fact, it is still brought up to me to this day that I will be found humming away without even realizing it. I would sing in church but  I became self  conscious....because it seemed that most of those attending mass were standing on the mousy end of things.  I didn't really have time to join a choir...so...I sang in the pew and toned it down.  I started to contemplate what the real problem was.  I asked God what I was supposed to do?  Why did He give me a voice like He did and what was I supposed to do with it.  Is what I had already done, enough?  I began to feel as though I was letting Him down in some way.  I just didn't know what to do.  So....when given those questions...I give it to Him to let me know...and pray that I see His way.  I have done the same with my art...since I was never allowed to take art lessons...and always wanted to paint.  It took years for it all to develop....but it is going somewhere...FINALLY.  Anyway, back to the singing.  One day I attending a George Gershwin one man show and at the end they had a sing along.  The gentlemen walked over to the stage and asked where the voice was coming from and singled me out.  He asked me to stand and sing...at the ROYAL GEORGE THEATER.  He played and I sang...my heart was filled with joy.  There are a few things that truly bring great joy to my heart to sing.  One is Christmas songs, another is praising songs to God and finally, the songs that lift America Up.
Well, last week, as I was on vacation in Texas...I attending my granddaughter's High School graduation.  Now, I must tell you...I give a thumbs up to Texas for their convictions to prayer and to pride in America.  The ceremony began in prayer....for those who chose to pray, the pledge of Allegiance and to sing the Star Spangled Banner.  As I stood there amongst perhaps the 6 or 7 thousand in attendance, I sang my heart out.  It felt so good inside and out.  To sing of my pride for my country and to sing it in honor of God.  I never gave another thought to how loud I sang ...the voices in chorus were swelling in the college auditorium, but upon sitting down, the people behind me and in front of me both took time to acknowledge my singing.  I was a little taken back, but pleased that I had done my best for God and my country.  A few days later, I took my granddaughters to a Cattle Run in Fort Worth.  We decided to attend a rodeo there in the evening.  We were all so excited to go....it had been a number of years since the eldest remembered us taking her.  The evening began with a young lady on a horse riding around the arena as she carried the American flag.  Faster and faster the horse ran and the flag waved through the air as we all stood and sang the Star Spangled Banner.  Once again, amongst all the voices in the arena, I sang my heart out.  During that time, a woman below me, turned and took my picture...I wasn't sure of why...or perhaps I was mistaken...perhaps it was someone above me.  When the song was finished and we sat down, there was a cotton candy vendor that was standing on the steps below me during the ceremony, who turned around and questioned whether it was me with the voice?  I said yes, and he bowed to me as he wiped a tear from his eye.  He thanked me for the song.  I sat down and thanked God.  I am still not sure what it is that He wants we to do...but lately...he is giving me the impression that there is still something to be done.  I guess we never get too old to do God's work...to carry out our dreams and aspirations.  I will keep on singing and listening as well.  There is still more to come...I feel it.  As a storyteller, I occasionally add singing to my programs, which I feel blessed to have the opportunity to do...but in my heart of hearts...I feel there will be more to come!

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