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The EYES have it!

Good morning to all.  I hope you are going along well.  It seems like June has just swept passed me.  There is so much to do and just so little time to do it all in.  Lately, I have been on such a whirlwind that I would just like to step off the merry go round for a day or so. 
Well, today's blog is an odd topic, but one I really wanted to share with all of you.  Iridology is basically, the study of the eye.  I don't know about the current generation, but years ago, when I was young, and I went to a doctor, one of the first things that they did was stick a tongue depressor into your mouth over your tongue and the second was to use a light and look into your eyes.  How very different it is today when you visit a doctor. 
Well, going back to looking into your eyes.  About 15 years or so ago, I began studying Iridology.  I also met a doctor from Greece, who in turned helped me. There are books and charts on how to learn Iridology as well.  You see, they use the iris of the eye and have charted it out like a clock.  You would use the hands on a clock as a guide as to where particular bodily functions are found. I would use a magnifier to get a closer look as well as a small light. 
From the first glance at a person's eye..you can detect a lot just by looking at the whites of their eyes.  For instance, if there is a yellowing...they need to detox...a blue shade indicates a lack of oxygen...and so on and so forth.  Now, when you start to investigate the actual iris...it can reveal so much more. 
I remember...quite a long time back, my daughter brought home a friend who was always sick and not feeling well. The doctors had taken all types of tests on her and they really couldn't determine the problem.  Now.....mind you....I do not claim whatsoever to be an expert or a professional in this field...just a student.  Well, I took my tools and examined her eyes.  I was quite surprised to see what was there.  I checked the books to reaffirm my findings.  I asked the young lady whether the doctor had checked her for Lupus.  She sat there in the chair with a look that was not quite describable...She said no....but continued to tell us that her twin sister had Lupus as well as her mother.  Ah...amazing stuff!
Now perhaps 2 years later, my daughter had her second child.  One day as I was playing with the baby, I noticed something strand in her one pupil.  This beautiful blue eyed baby had a rather large brown spot in one particular spot in the eye.  In fact the spot was where the brain regulates speaking and motor skills.  I expressed my concern with my daughter who only pooh pawed it away.  Turns out, later, that as my granddaughter grew older, we realized she had some trouble with a speech impediment and motor skills as well.  A little while later, she had her first Seizure and then another and another.  She was diagnosed with Epilepsy.  Some of the seizures were so severe...I wondered whether they caused her stuttering.   Well, it seems that the brown spot detected a great deal. 
Now the other thing I noticed on two other individuals was a pair of twins.  They Have a disease called angel man syndrome and neither can speak and have extreme motor skill dysfunction incidence. 
I don't know why we are not as exposed to this type of diagnosis.  I think that some of the older ways of looking at a person are important.  They say that to look into a person's eyes is to see their soul...I agree and add that you can see their health as well.  If you have never heard of this type of diagnosis. It is time for doctors to look at more than just your charts. 

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