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My Blog

My Family That's Not Related

Good morning to everyone.  Well, another Sunday is here..and what a beautifully sunny day so far. They are predicting storms for the Niles area later today, but in the meantime, I will enjoy the sun. 
Well, yesterday was quite the day and ended with the starter on my car dying.  I had to leave it and will have to return with the mechanic sometime later today.  But in the course of all of it, I was feeling very blessed.  I thought about the travels that I have been on in the past two weeks and was blessed that it didn't happen to me in Texas or along the road home.  Nor any of my trips that were a distance this past week. 
Well, today's blog is about an overwhelmingly emotional day.  I spent it with a girlfriend who turned 60.  We have been friends for all those years.  Imagine such a relationship.  I was never so pleased and honored to be with her on this occasion.  Now, that was amazing in itself, but the crème de la crème of the day was those that were in attendance and the feelings that I left with. 
From the moment I walked in the door, I was greeted and hugged with such love and passion that my heart was overjoyed.  I sat down at the table with all of my friends aunts and Uncle and her mom and dad.  Now this was heart warming for me, since we all lived on the same block together in Chicago some 60 years ago.  Each and every one of them played a significant role in my life and in the lives of my family members.  Oh, what a conversation we had.  I was sharing the info about my investigations about Dunning and they all remembered and shared.  We spoke about the Linco man and I remembered his name as Red...no one since had remembered this and  a past Chicago Politician  remembered him. He was my friends uncle.  We talked briefly about his being on the police force and then times in political office.  He shared stories about an experience over at the property where Camp Douglas once stood.  We talked about Weber and Gordon High schools and stories that I had never heard.  We talked about bleach and it's chemical compound. We discussed liniments and old time medicines.  The one best thing about it was. These people were my family....in a very odd sense.  It was the closest that I have felt since a child.  We laughed, we ate, we sang, but mostly we shared. 
As each of my friends siblings walked through there were hugs and kisses.  There were heartfelt hello's and hugs from her children and nieces and nephews.  You see, this was a family that I have been with for 60 years...in a sense, they belonged to me as well. 
There is rarely such bonds that are seen today and I was so very grateful to have it.  As I looked around the room, I was overwhelmed by the good fortune for my fiend.  The love that surrounded her was amazing. 
I had painted her a picture and had it framed as her gift and wrote a story of why it was painted and the meaning behind it. We were both in tears as she read the story and my heart was so full of joy to have been so blessed for so many years.  Susan was the sister I never had.  It was hard for me growing up with out siblings and God blessed me with one.  We may have not been biological, but we were surely Soul Sisters.  It doesn't matter if time has past and we go with out talking or seeing each other because we are always in each others hearts. 
Now, when I left the party and was on my way home, we stopped at a McDonolds...my husband needed to use the men's room and was going to get me an ice tea.  When he arrived back at the car, there I sat blubbering away.  When he got in he asked what had happened?  I simply gave him my look and he pretty much knew that the emotions of the day overwhelmed me.  Sitting there waiting for his return, it dawned on my that perhaps that would be the last time I may see some of those wonderful people.  This was a rare occasion and they are all pretty much in their 80's.  Some in the middle of the 80's.  I pray that they live long, long lives...But to think of it just saddened me.  I thought about how wonderful my friends children and their spouses rallied to make her day so special and in that moment, I felt very much alone.  Once my senses returned to me, I felt so blessed to have what I have in my life.  I am surrounded by amazing people and amazing friends.  They are the friends that you know that you can call at 3 in morning and say I need you and they will come running...no questions asked.
I thought about how grateful I was for God to have given me an additional family.  these were not just the average neighbors...they were the extension to my family.  the outer links. 
They were the family to my best friend and new almost everything there was about her...and then there were things that only I knew.  Those special moments that only her and I shared with each other.  I was her family and her family was mine.  It was a very large circle of friends of all ages...and FOR all ages. 

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