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America Has Hidden History

Librety BellBell in Kaskaskia, IllinoisGood morning.  Another weekend has bit the dust....but cheer up...and extra day for celebration is on its way! 4th of July is on its way.  Do you have plans for the 4th?
Recently, at a performance on the Revolutionary War...one of my questions to the audience was whether they thought the signing of the Declaration of Independence was the ending or the beginning of freedom. 
When we hear the Declaration of Independence, some may think that it was the end...but it was just the beginning.  It is when we DECLARED that we wanted to separate from England.  It was just the beginning of the War.  It is also an interesting fact to know that even though John Adams participated in the writing of the Declaration of Independence, ABIGAIL, his wife had much to do with what was contained in it.  As an educated woman with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she loved to write to her husband while he was away at the Continental Congress. It is said that she repeatedly reminded him to remember to include woman.  That they would never stay still without a voice. 
And the Liberty Bell....it had 3 names.  Did you know that it started out as the State Bell, then the Independence Bell and finally the Liberty Bell?  Did you know that the bell cracked more than once?  Did you know that there is a second bell that is actually 11 years older and was given to Illinois?  And, did you know that it cracked as well?  The Illinois Bell sits in a church in Kaskaskia, Illinois/Missouri.  Why did I put both states down?  Well, you see, Kaskaskia was the original capital of Illinois.  When the Mississippi River flooded, Kaskaskia found itself in Missouri.  There are about 9 residents there.  They have an Illinois drivers license, but a Missouri zip code.  You can visit there and find the bell.  You can even find the original Governor's mansion....but not a whole lot more. 
History in our country is extremely interesting when you start digging up some of the specifics that have gone unnoticed.  We accept whatever it is that is placed in front of us.  We accept what is taught to us in school and most never question beyond what are in those history books.  It is up to us...we who have the liberty...to search and learn.  up until the last couple decades...most never imagined women fought in the war.  Most write ups are about the men.  Everyone in this country has heard about Paul Revere...and his famous ride...but have you ever heard of Sybil Ludington...She rode twice as far as Paul doing the same thing. 
You must have all learned about minute men....how about minute women?  One famous minute woman was Prudence Wright. 
History is all around us. It is because of both men and women that our country is what it is today....and continues to be. 
I would suggest that on a day when no one has anything to do...get in your car and go somewhere...anywhere ...and start to look around.  There is a lot of history behind the scenes if you only look for it.  Just yesterday, driving down a street that I have driven down hundreds of times...I noticed things I had never seen before.  There was an old building with the inscription Post Office on it.  Well, it is no longer a Post Office....what happened?  Being the passenger in the car, I began to notice other things as well. So...go for a joy ride.  Let it become your historical adventure.  Look closely at places and question them. You might find that there is a story hidden there.  If you find something...share with me as well.  I would love to here about it.  Feel free to comment about what you find here in the comments page.  I look forward to your comments.

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