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Touched By An Angel

Good afternoon to everyone.  I know I am a bit late here today.  With the weather that blew in last night...and I DO mean BLEW in...I was a little late on the start this morning.  When these types of storms blow in my area....I am really down for the count and have a much harder time rallying. 
But, I did, ran some errands and here I am.  My topic for today was prompted by last nights television show "Touched By An Angel".  Every time that I watch the UP TV....I am so touched an inspired.  For those of you who may not get this television channel...encourage your carrier to get it.  It is a wonderful channel of good, wholesome programs....and no, they are not all old shows.  They have new made for TV programs continuously that fills ones heart with joy and good feelings. 
I stopped and pondered after the show last night and considered how many times I may have been touched by an angel.  The more I thought, the more times I felt as though an angel is always walking with me.  I have believed in angels for a very long time.  In fact, I can't remember a time that I didn't believe in them.  The interesting thing is...I am more connected now with accepting their part in my life.  
I have been saved many times by listening to an angels whisper in my ear.  There have been many times that I have found my self detained and running  a little late to my destination, only to discover that along the way...there was an accident.  I have always stopped and given thanks for the delay...feeling that had I not been delayed...I would have been in that accident.  One such accident happened along the highway coming home from the Carolina's.  When leaving the South in January I was dressed in a skirt with sandals.  Upon reaching Kentucky, I desperately needed to change clothes to suit the change in temperature and was a bit tired of driving at that point.  I stopped at a McDonald to change my clothes and grab a cup of hot chocolate to warm up a bit.  I decided that I would sit a bit and be in a different position than I had been in for the past 6 hours.  I sat and sipped my cocoa and relaxed.  Finally, I returned to the car and continued onward.  About another hour, I was hit forcefully by a snowstorm out of no where.  I slowed down, trying hard to see up ahead, when off to the side, I noticed I was at mile marker 444.  Now, for me, the number is a message from an angel, so I decided to slow down and take heed.  There was soon a blinking sign off to my right which alerted me that up ahead there was a delay in traffic.  I was tired and not willing to chance sitting in a snowstorm, so I pulled off the road and decided to secure a hotel room.  I got the last one available.  I was concerned because it was way on top of a hill and all I could think of was driving down it the next day.  I went to my room and after calling for a pizza, sat down on the chair and turned on the television.  Instantly, I knew that my angels were with me on that mile marker 444....you see, I hadn't noticed any of the other markers along the way.  Coincidence?  Not for me!  The newsman on the tv was announcing that up ahead of miles marker 444 there was a 44 car pile up delaying traffic.  I  could have easily been there in that pile up. My stop at the McDonald, along with my staying there to drink the cocoa, delayed my trip.  And the Mile marker steered my decision to pull off the highway.  Thanks to being touched by my angels.  You don't have to feel them tug, pull or yell.  You just have to listen when they speak inside.  They slowly guide you and help you.  Thank them.  I do, each and every time.  I believe that they walk with me in every moment of every day as long as I ask them along. 
When I watched the show last night, I was in tears over the ending because of the joy that the show brings.  Is there death?  Yes...in each episode.  Is there fear...yes in every show.  But the thing that is in each show that makes me feel good...is that in the worst of times...there is always HOPE.  I am happy to have this UP lifting program to view.  I want to thank Candace Cameron for advertising it I am a Dancing with the Stars fan...and I applaud her Christian views.  I don't think we need to have everything out in the open for the world to see...why not put our hearts and could out in the open in good programing.  It could help turn some troubled souls around.  Instead of shows and programs that teach hatred and anger, murder and suicide....why not Love and Peace?  So, if you haven't watched it and have Direct Tv...it is on channel 338.  If you don't have it...and are looking for some good, wholesome tv proamming...call your provider to see if it can be available.  I am not affiliated with the channel or the cable company...I am just a woman who wants to feel good at the end of a show. 

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