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A Spontaneous Trip

Good morning.  Well, hump day is here and too early to tell whether the sun will peak it's head out.  July already.  Time seems to pass so quickly the older I get.  I can remember when I was young, it seems as though the days went on forever.  Now, it seems I blink and the day is over. 
Well, today I was reflecting on a time when I was much younger and my children were small.  It was rather common for us as a family to just pack some simple food and jump into the car for a day ride.  The food was never anything special, just some cut up fruits, bags of cheese chunks, some smoked polish sausage, perhaps some bread and lunch meat.  There was always thermos of koolaide and ice tea, as well as a smaller one of coffee.  In those days, we always  traveled with thermos'.  No such thing as bottled water back then and of course, most soda came in glass bottles.  We had thermos in gallon sizes back then. I always had a picnic basket packed and ready to go...all I needed to add was the food. 
Well, we would pack the girls into the car, pillows, blankets and games.  Things like frisbees, badminton rackets and birdies and always a deck of cards.  It would always be our Sunday adventure. 
We would ask the girls to point in a direction and then off we went.  I know it sounds a bit corny, but when we were young, struggling parents..it was a time to be with the children, and perhaps find something unusual and fun to do.
Well, one day, we traveled and traveled all the way to Wisconsin Dells.  Now, in those days, we didn't own a charge card...it was cash or you didn't buy something.  I remember when we arrived in the Dells, the girls really wanted to go to Storybook land.  It was late in the day when we arrived and we really didn't want to disappoint the girls.  We hadn't planned on such a long ride....but there we were.  My husband didn't work on Mondays, so, we decided to find a cheap motel, spend the night and treat them to Storybook land.  It was the only time in our lives where we didn't have a suitcase or even a change of clothes.  The girls were very young, I believe 3 and 4 years old.  I remember it was not big deal back then for them to sleep in their underwear.  Back then, little girls even wore undershirts.  I was Tokay as well, but my husband was uncomfortable.  He had never slept in his underwear with his children around, so he choose to sleep in his shorts.  We made do with the circumstances.  The next morning we got up and went to breakfast at a pancake house across the street from Storybook land.  As we sat and ate, we looked out the window at the rain pouring down.  Our adventure turned into what seemed a no go.  We stalled some time by going in and out of some of the nearby shops.  In the end, we landed up promises the girls that we would come back and go.  They were fine with it...after all, they got to spend a night in a motel.  That was a thrill for them.  It took another year before we could make the journey back, and when we did, it was a planned trip...suitcase, change of clothes and all. 
We had many different adventure's like that one.  A lot to sit back today and remember with fondness. Sometimes it is just being together as a family that counts.  Summertime is a great time to get out and hunt down the unknown....and find treasures that you will remember for a lifetime.  So, should you find yourself with nothing to do, pack some simple food, jump in the car and point out a direction...you never know what lies ahead. 

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