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Deer...I Can Handle This!

Good morning to everyone.  Well, the last day of the week for some.  Tomorrow is the 4th of July.  An amazing day to celebrate our Country's freedom.  I hope that you take the time to pause and to pay tribute to our flag and what it stands for and bow your head in prayer for those who kept it there and those who continue to keep it there. 
Today's blog is about a trip up north.  It was quite some time ago.  We took a family trip and landed up at a Deer Park in Wisconsin.  It was a really nice park to wander through and let the children run around and enjoy a bit of nature.  Now at the time, my girls were about 4 and 5 years old. They were 12 months and 12 days apart from each other.  Now, this is a crazy time span between children, some call them Irish twins.  I must say that having children that close in age made some days challenging and other days easier.  The easiest part was their being close to each other.  You would imagine that 2 girls, that close in age, that their personalities would be similar...but that was far from the truth.  The younger daughter was attached to the older sister like glue.  She didn't even call her by her name...but rather addressed her as "sister". 
The day we went to the deer park was one of the very first times she showed such great independence.  She was always a fearless child.  I was always petrified when she would take off.  She would leap before she looked.  I was constantly fearful of her falling down stairs or tripping because she moved so quickly.  Well, here we were in the deer park with deer roaming freely.  Every so often, there were machines that were filled with food that you could put your coin into and the feed would come out.  Well, of course we had coins aplenty to feed the deer...and the deer knew it.  They walked behind us on the paths, anxiously awaiting a coin to find its way to a machine.  Now, once it did...they were all over you.  I was watchful of the girls for a number of reasons.  Number one, I didn't want them to get trampled over by the herd.  Surprisingly enough, the youngest daughter...the one who clung for life attached to her sister's side, was out there feeding the deer one by one.  She had it in her mind that each deer would get just so much food.  These large animals were hovered around her and she would just push them aside to allow each deer it's proper time to eat.  And then, to top it off, she could recognize who was who and would yell at them if they cut in line, telling them that they had already had their share and to give someone else a turn.   We stood in amazement and giggled over the sight.  She had taken the initiative to be the dominant person in this particular scenario.  This was a fun family day that has always stuck in my mind.  The park was so lovely.  It was in late September and just the right temperature to enjoy a day in the outdoors where we could enjoy the colors of the leaves changing and the gifts of nature around us.  I don't know if the girls remember the day as vividly as I do.  I know that back then, I went places and did things to allow them to have a good time and for family togetherness.  I think that in those moments, they were the ones that were most thrilled, but those moments, later on, became the best moments for me to look back on.  It was a gift that kept on giving. 

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