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My Blog

My Inside Scoop About Casino's

Good morning to everyone.  I hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July.  I spent the day with friends.  There was food and games to fill the day.  Truly a day that I am grateful for.  I found out last night that at least two of my roses were in the 4th of July parade yesterday...I am not sure about the third.  I received a note from a friend who saw them and commented on them...so I was pleased that they made it to the parade.  She shared with me that they handed out maps of where all the roses will be located for people to tour them this summer through fall.  I will have to make it over to the Chamber of Commerce to get one. 
Well, today's blog is about gambling in the casino's.  Growing up, I don't ever think I had recalled all the hub bub about gambling and casino's...I think that the closest we had ever come to that must have been playing cards for nickels, dines and quarters.  I did hear about Las Vegas...but honestly, it was more about the showgirls than the gambling end of it. 
I remember when I was a senior in High School, I had become close with one of the sisters...her name was Sister Kingnetta.  I always wondered where in the world they came up with those names.  Anyway, we stayed friends after I had graduated.  She often came to my home through the years, and I, in turn had gone to her families homes.  At her family home, in the basement, I was introduced to my first slot machine.  Somehow, they had bought the real deal and had it to enjoy in the house.  It was my first time of putting in a coin and pulling down that lever.  It was okay for me for about the first 10 minutes and then I was bored.  I didn't quite get the attraction...but I thought maybe it was because I wasn't really gambling for money.  They reused the same coins over and over. 
Well, May years later, my mother moved to Reno, Nevada.  The first time we went to visit, my mother decided that she wanted to take me out for a mother daughter night.  We went to a Casino that her husband worked at.  It was the Fitzgerald.  My mom gave me a roll of coins and we started at the machines.  I was never so bored in my life and I wasn't even gambling with my own money.  I landed up going to the bathroom...where they had a pretty nice lounging area with a couch.  I sat down on the couch and nodded off.  I later caught up with her in time to go home. 
A few days later, my mother watched my girls, and my husband and I went out on the town...once again to a Casino.  Maybe it would be different with my husband....NOPE...We walked around the casino and watched as people were hustling and busting around us and the sound of coins falling down and the spinning of the slots surrounded us.  Then it happened...right in front of us a woman had a seizure.  She fell to the ground right in the middle of her gambling.  The minute I saw this I immediately started to search for help.  I looked around to find some security person.  Upon finding one, and leading hi to where she was, I was astonished to see that while this woman was convulsing, people were stepping over her to use her machine!  I was appalled!  Later, upon returning to my mom's,. we shared what had happened at the Casino.  Her husband proceeded to tell us that the scene we witnessed was just part of the gambling scene.  He shared stories of people who were so afraid to leave their machines that they actually urinated and defecated right there.  If that wasn't disgusting enough...he then shared a story about a wife and her husband who were out on the gambling floor having a nice evening when at one point, the husband wasn't feeling that well and decided he would go to the room and lay down a spell..  They wife stayed on the floor and continued to gamble.  Well, it seems that at one point, the woman's husband started to have a heart attack while in the room.  He dialed for help and when help arrived, he had died.  They searched for his wife and upon finding her and sharing the devastating news, she chose to stay on the floor and gamble...because, well, he was dead anyway.  After hearing those types of horror stories, the idea of going to a Casino never really appealed to me again.  When friends of mine talk about going to them, pictures of the stories shared by my step father race through my head.  I have a hard time with it all.  I would rather gamble on whether I get a good meal or not at a restaurant or see a good play.  I must say, I did enjoy the beauty restaurants and the marvelous buffets that they used to have.  The amazing ice sculptures always captured my attention.  My mother, later on worked at Circus, Circus and I loved seeing the shows.  I used to enjoy taking the girls to the alley of games and having them have their faces painted.  I remember one time, they had their faces painted and felt so amazing, that when we got home, they didn't want to wash it off...so they slept in the makeup.  I took pictures of course, and when I look back at those pictures, I have fond memories of the Casino's, but surely not for the same reason that most people would have.  I guess you might call me..."The Play it Safe "  kind of girl.  And that's okay.  I have my types of enjoyment...I just will never count that in as one of them. 

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