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Siblings Parted

Good morning.  Another day has arrived.  I am always grateful when my eyes open in the morning and I know that I have been blessed with another day.  Yesterday gave me quite a bit to think about.  It was another marathon of holiday movies on the Hallmark channel.  I suppose this must be to celebrate Christmas in July.  I cannot complain, since I become unindated with work come the holidays, I love being able to work and enjoy watching these types of shows.  It brings so many memories and thoughts to mind.  I know I said that I wasn't going to write about Christmas just yet, but the more I watched the programs, the more sentimental I became.  These movies provoked a plethora of feelings and emotions, thoughts and wishes. 
So, today's blog is about a hope and a wish and also a dream.  It is about families getting back together.  I watched a show yesterday about 2 sisters who were torn apart. It seems the one sister landed up marrying the other sisters boyfriend.  Then that sister chose to no longer have anything to do with her.  There was another scenario playing to it's side about a man who lost his wife and had 2 sons and didn't share anything about their deceased mother because it was just too painful for him.  As the show progressed their was, of course a revalation made for both parties and a solution as well. 
I thought about how much I wished that things like that truly were possible.  Many times, people will ask me questions about siblings, and I cannot really answer the questions.  You see, I never had a sibling and don't really know what that is like.  My husband also never had any siblings...so there was no in-law siblings for me as well.  What I do know is that I had 2 beautiful girls who I raised and enjoyed their closeness and from time to time their fights.  I remember when they were young, making them make up and tell each other that they loved one another.  I didn't want there to be distention between them.  I assumed that there was normal sibling rivalry, an occasional disagreement, but in the end, I believed in my heart of hearts that there would always be love.  I believed that LOVE conquers all.  That is yet to be seen.  It is my hope that maybe someday....that will be the case.  I would like to live long enough to see that...but if I don't, then I pray that when I am gone....that will be the case. 
I had 2 girls and both were my life.  They were just a little over 1 year apart.  Growing up...they always had each other.  As they got a little older and I learned to sew...I made outfits to match.  They probably hated it...but oh my goodness...they looked so cute together. 
They shared everything.  They shared their clothes, toys, friends and just about everything you could think of.  As they grew older, they each developed their own individual personalities and separate friends....yet they still shared. 
As the years went by, I tried hard to keep the family together. Come Christmas, I would call a special family night to decorate the tree.  We all had hats with our names on them to wear, Christmas music trailed throughout the house.  All the boxes of Christmas decorations came up from the basement and decorating the tree began. 
At my bridal shower, my cousin made me the most beautiful paper mache and lace bride doll as a centerpiece for the table.  I couldn't bear to let of that doll, so I took off the veil and turned the tuilling into angel wings and took the braiding and turned it into a halo and viola...the top for my Christmas tree.  Year after year, that angel graced the top of our tree.  The girls took turns each year with the honor of placing her atop the tree.  My husband would lift whichever daughter to the top so she could have that honor, while the other daughter then received the honor of placing the first ornament on the tree.  It just about killed my one year when a squirrel got into our attic and destroyed her. I got a new angel, but it never quite seemed the same...and neither did the family.  It seemed shortly after that, trouble arose in our house and caused our daughter to part ways with all of us. 

Years have gone by and I know that we think of her often, some days more than others.  As I watched the movie yesterday and saw that the one sister reached out to say she forgave and then they both forgave and hugged and moved on with their lives.  I couldn't help but dream that this  could happen for my two children.  I know that one of the girls has reached out to her sister without success.  I am so saddened that so many years have gone by and that there has been no reconciliation.  I know that I would love it to be the way that it used to be...and if not...at least a new chapter to life. It is a shame when life goes by and those who you hold in your heart, for whatever reasons, are captured there and can't seem to reverse the process. I am constantly reminded of my daughter and those 2 young girls who once were the best of friends.  I remember the house being filled with their laughter and sometimes tears.  Their squeals of joy and moments of caring.  How does that vanish?  A question that I ask myself over and over again?  Not to mention a question I pose to God continuously.  I trust Him and that SOMEDAY...even if I don't get to see it...there will once more be 2 sisters who can express their love to each other.  I wonder if she remembers the Christmas' we shared together.  The traditions, the memories, the love that we held for each other.  I pray that deep down in her heart she knows. Somehow...she must remember...She HAS to remember. 

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