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Ever Heard of Bebki's??

Well, good morning to all.  It seems as though it will be a gorgeous day here in Niles, Illinois.  I am looking forward to getting a lot accomplished today...hopefully!  I have been on the go for the past couple of days.  I got to meet up yesterday with my friend who is going through cancer.  She looks and acts GREAT.  Bless her heart!  We had a lot of laughs and it was so good to see her. 
So, today's blog is about my Grandmother Pearl and her usage of the English language....or not really.  Sometimes, when I go back and remember things from my childhood...it can be a bit disconcerting, because when I don't remember everything about something...I have usually a word for something that was what my Grandma had called it.  I can remember the first time I asked my husband to please bring me my hoppies.  My husband, stop and stared at me like a deer with its eyes in a headlight.  I said "my hoppies"...."they are in the bedroom"  and still the stare remained.  For some reason, my grandmother evidently made up the word HOPPIES for House slippers.   It sort of makes sense...doesn't it?  Well, I never knew that they were call houseslippers..my whole life they were referred to as hoppies.  So the last few days, it has been quite a search for me looking for something that we used when I was a child and the only word I can remember was we used it when we had BEBKI"S.  Oh, Grandma...where in the world did you ever come up with some of these terms???? 
I remember when I was growing up at home and you would get these little bumps in the gums in your mouth...which grandma called "bebki's", she would make us use this pink powdered stuff that you would mix with warm water and swish it around in your mouth.  I remember that you couldn't or shouldn't drink it.  It had a pleasant smell and taste as well, although a little on the chalky side.  Compared to some of the other medicines we had to take, this one was a pleasure.  I remember it being in a jar, and the best to my knowledge, it had somewhat of an aqua colored label around it....but that was all I could remember....aside from the fact that it worked. 
Well, how in the world do you research something that is called BEBKI'S??  Well, I started breaking down the problem into different things like mouth sores, mouth ulcers...and eventually, I found what I was looking for.  It seems that others were looking for it as well.  They described it in the same manner as myself, so I knew that I was on to the right product.  Turns out the name of the product is Vince Gum & Mouth Care-Oral Rinse Powder.  And to top that off, they still make it today.  I hadn't thought about that in so many years. 
When I finally found it....the bottle looked very different than what I had remembered, but of course I am going back 50 years ago.  Also, I found it to be VERY expensive as well. I found the history behind it...it seems  that in the late 1800s, the field of medicine, especially in the deep south, depended for the most part on the very few trained physicians and even fewer hospitals. Healthcare was dependent on home remedies and the very few community doctors that were able to make house calls. Founded by Tharp Spencer Roberts, born September 9, 1873, Monticello Drug Company had its fist roots planted in rural Georgia. Tharp received his early apprenticeship in medicinal training under W. F. Monroe, pharmacist and owner of Wachovia Drug in Valdosta, Georgia. He became certified by the Board of Pharmacy for the state of Florida as a registered pharmacist in conformity with the act of the legislature entitled to regulate the practice of pharmacy on the December 28, 1898. Before the age of 25, he was able to purchase an existing drug store of Jefferson County, Florida called Monticello Drug  and then the rest is the Montelcello History.  It has been passed on through family generations.  There are other products manufactured by this company...but the Vince Mouthwash was the one I remembered so well.   It might be expensive and probably not heard of very often...but what a find it was for me.  They also manufacture other products that were interesting to read about...and the history as well.
   I cannot say that I have really experienced any type of mouth sores in most of my adult life, but what a good thing to know about or have around, just in case I do. 
As for Grandma....God bless her.  She was the best woman I ever knew.  She had an answer and a word for everything.  The words may have been a little off, but the treatments were always spot on. 
I would love to hear if anyone else ever heard of Bebki's or remember using Vince's Mouth powder. 

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