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It's Bird...It's a plane...NO..it's The kid next Door!

Well good morning once again.  So far, it is a nice day here in the Niles, Illinois area.  There are thunderstorms predicted to roll in this evening and into tomorrow afternoon.  Praying hard that they end early in the day tomorrow.  My red hat group is expecting to kick up our heels at the Rodeo tomorrow night.  Can't wait to watch the show!
As for today's blog, it is about when I was a young girl.  Superman was a television program that it seems every boy in town enjoyed watching.  I myself enjoyed seeing Lois Lane and Clark Kent.  The superman part was a bit far-fetched, but the hero idea was something to aspire to. 
I didn't really think that a television show would be something that would lead you to try something...although statistically, that would explain commercials...now wouldn't it!  It is, I suppose, a fine line between the two. 
As I sit and think about how we must be so specific in directions today, I think of are we really that incapable of common sense?  I recently saw a label on a piece of children's clothing that gave washing instructions, and it said to first remove child...REALLY??? 
That of course made me look back in time to when I was young.  I had a neighbor who loved to watch Superman.  One day, he decided that he too, could be superman.  He went and tied a towel ( I think it was a towel....if my memory serves me correctly) around his neck and decided that he was now superhuman.  Now he lived on the second floor of a story apartment.  His uncle lived on the first floor.  Thank God...because his test for human powers happened outside of his Uncles first floor window.  He must have climbed up on something, opened the latch on the screen window.  Back in my day, the screens didn't push up...they pushed outward on a hinge.  He somehow propped himself on the ledge and just like superman soared forward out the window.  Just below the window, was a concrete patio and thank goodness that his jump put him far enough past the cement toward the grassy area.  He flew straight down.  Luckily...I believe there were just some scrapes and bruises. 
I couldn't imagine what he was thinking!! 
The other day, I was discussing this with my husband and he said that he did a very similar thing with some of his guy friends when they were young!  He said that instead of a towel or sheet they used their parka's.  REALLY?  I just don't comprehend this sort of ideas. 
I did some research on the Internet and see that there were many young boys who seemed to have done exactly the same thing. 
It makes me wonder...when does common sense kick in?  Where is the line between reality and fantasy begin and end?  At what age?  Is it more of a problem for male or female?  What is the draw?  When I look back at that young boy who jumped...I realize now, that may have been the end of his life.  Was it the programs fault?  I know that when I was in college...I did a report on violence in cartoons.  In my report, the most violent at that time was Tom and Jerry...I believe it was every 10 seconds a violent act occurred.  Is it really humor?  Do we really expose our children and let's face it...adults to that?  I have to say that I think the time for more family television is here.  Family time around the table is here.  Family game night should be what entertains our children.  
The other day, I was shopping in Walmart and noticed a few girls running around hiding behind end caps and such with guns in their hands...not real ones of course...but looking for their targets.  REALLY??  I could not believe my eyes.  Am I just that old and our of sync with reality?  Where do we go from here?

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