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Remembering Chewing Gum

Good morning to all.  An extremely gloomy day here in the Niles, Illinois area.  Looks like we are in for some more storms.  It was a wild and crazy weekend.  The Rodeo in Wauconda was great...but very wet.  The arena was just one BIG mud hole.  We were caught in a light rain, but fortunately the main storms waited until we were out of the fair grounds.  An amazing evening with the red hatters once again.  .  A very full weekend, to say the least, so as much as I attempted to sit and blog...it just missed the mark. 
Well, today's blog is about chewing gum.  I have no idea what possessed me to think about chewing gum machines, but I was thinking about how I haven't seen them around for quite some time.  I can remember those old machines that had handles on them and once your money was inserted, you pulled that knob and down dropped the gum. 
For me these days, gum isn't part of my life and hasn't been for about 30 years.  Once I got dentures, the only gum in my mouth belongs to me...LOL. 
I remember though, growing up and remembering how gum was a part of everyday life and I started thinking about all the different gums that there were. 
Bazooka was probably one of the first gums that I ever had.  I remember as a kid, I enjoyed that gum because of the jokes inside the wrapper.  I remember how well you could blow bubbles with it as well.  In fact, when my husband turned 50, and I threw a back to school party where all the guests had to come dressed as a school girl or boy, we played games and one of them was a bubble blowing contest with the Bazooka gum.  That was a riot to see...let me tell you!  The other gum that was one of my favorite growing up was Fruity Stripes.  It was so cool to see come with stripes on it.  The best part was that it had fruit flavors, and there were 5 different flavors in a pack of gum.  The only problem was that the flavors didn't last long...so you landed up chewing a whole lot more than the average gums. 
Juicy fruit was another of my favorites.  It wasn't until teen years that the cinnamon flavored gum became a favorite for me.  Dentine cinnamon was perhaps my favorite as an adult until gum chewing exited my field of things to do. Of course, by that time, gum chewing was to keep your breath fresh...not really what you thought about as a kid. 
I remember years ago reading that chewing gum was something you did to stay thin.  I believe back then the article I read said that the acting of chewing created certain juices in your stomach that aided your digestion. 
I also started thinking about the price of gum.  Back when I was a kid and we had those old pull handle vending machines, gum was 5 cents a pack.    A gum ball was obtained for a penny.  I remember those old red gum ball machines and hoping to get that special yellow with green stripe gum ball because if you were fortunate enough you would get a prize from the store owner.  I don't think that I ever got one of those special gum balls, but I do remember all the praying I did when I turned that handle 360 degrees! 
Gum wasn't the only thing that you got by chewing gum, because by the time I began old enough to start saving the wrappers, I knew that I could make things.  The biggest thing back then was to make gum wrapper chains.  Sometime we made them into rings, key holders or belts.  I read that the Guinness World book of records states  the longest gum wrapper chain, officially measured at 78,550 feet.   
There is a lot of things about gum that we can all remember...but the one most single thing I remember most is parents telling you not to "CHEW LIKE A COW"!   

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