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Snuggies...originally underwear!

Good morning to all.  What a beautiful day.  The temperatures here in the Niles area are to hit maybe 70 today.  I know that most would be BRRRing about now, but I think it is a nice relief from the heat! 
Well, speaking of BRRing...that brings me to today's blog.  When I was a young girl, I remember that my grandmother had another one of those words that no one else seems to know.  The word was Gochki.  When it was cold out...she would tell me to put on a pair of Gochkis.  I am sure you are now wondering what that was.  Well, gochkis were a pair of half long underwear.  They only went to the knees.  Back in the 50's and early 60's during the cold weather,. girls were not allowed to wear anything but skirts or basically their uniforms to school...at least where I went to school.  You could wear a pair of pants underneath your skirt to get to school, but once there, the pants had to come off.  You couldn't wear any long underwear like the boys!  So, there was a pair of long underwear...I called them OLD Lady Uunderwear....that were a very pale pink or beige and made of very soft cotton type material.  They were as ugly as sin and went down to just about your knees. But in the dead of winter, you can be darn sure that I wore them.  I remember being so careful once in school of how I sat down, because the last thing I wanted anyone to see was my underwear sneaking out from under my uniform.  Between the knee highs and the snuggies....that was their official name, I managed to stay warm. 
Today, the word snuggie immediately brings to mind the new invention of a blanket.  But snuggies were originally a pantaloons type underwear. 
I struggled a while to remember what they might have called them back then, because Gram had her own secret language that she passed on to me.  It seems that they still make them! 
I was totally amazed to find them.  The Vermont Country store carries them along with various other Senior clothing stores. 
Funny how our attitudes seem to change as we get older.  We don't seem to quite care as much about how something looks, as long as it suits the need. 
I was quite pleased to be able to locate them and I believe I may order a pair or two for the upcoming winter.  I guess nowadays, I can wear both of my snuggies on a cold winter's night.  One under my pajamas and the newest one...the blanket type over me. 

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