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Social Gatherings or is it Anti-Social?

Good morning to all.  Another weekend is here.  It is already on the second half of July...where oh where does the time go?? Today I have a paint in with my guild, so there is a lot on the agenda today.  It will be a pleasurable day of painting and friends. 
Well, onto today's blog.  Last week or so, the Hallmark channel was running Christmas shows all week and one of the shows was about a young man who worked for his father in their department store. The young man was in charge of the toy department and chose not to order one of the hottest toys that was out there for the season under the belief that children should enjoy toys that uses their imagination...in essence, an old fashioned toy.  that really started me to think back quite a bit.  When I was visiting my daughter and family, the children had to be reintroduced to the old games.  Today, technology has swept over the nation to the point of idleness within their minds.  Oh yes, they are texting and watching dvd's and movies on a whim...but when it came to gathering around a table and playing a game and talking and laughter...it took old Grandma here to introduce the concept.  Or...should I say...reintroduce them.  It took a deck of cards at first.  Well, first there was a search for one...and then I had to send the eldest to the store to buy a deck...really???  Anyway, once the cards were purchased and removed from the box, I then proceeded to explain a card game called garbage.  They sat around all evening and played the game....including the boyfriend and another friend.  It was such a pleasure to see them laughing and talking and sharing stories.  The next night out...I had brought along a set of Farkle dice.  If you don't know what Farkle is...then just look it up...I find it similar to the dice game of Yatzee.  We played that all evening together.  We laughed, talked, and kidded around.  I asked them where some of the games I had bought them years ago...the answer was..."IN STORAGE"!  Great place for them!?? 
I started to think about my 4th of July.  There were 6 adults here at the house.  We ate, conversed and then played games.  We played Farkle.  Left, Right, Center, a card game called Crowns...which by the way...was a blast.  The evening swept by as we joked around and enjoyed each others company.  Today, I see way too many of our youth engaged in their phones...the word "BORED" is thrown around constantly. 
When I look back into the past, I remember how we played and played hard!  We had a jump rope that entertained us for hours, card games were always a hit, board games came a close second.  Games like Monopoly and Risk were 2 of my favorites.  There was ghosts in the graveyard for outdoors...I loved seeing it on the Bachelorette the other week, when the bachelor Chris and his family did it at the end of their evening.  It was awesome!  We played tag and statue maker.  We sat and talked...or we went for walks.  It is a much different world these days and I honestly must say that it is, in my honest opinion, up to the parents to stop looking into THEIR phones for entertainment and start interacting and play with their children. 
I must tell you, being a grandparent is one of the most rewarding positions in life that I have ever been granted!  The opportunity to be with my grandchildren is such a blessing.  To laugh and play and introduce them to new things...perhaps not new to me, but certainly, new to them!  I want to hear about their lives, their hopes and dreams for the future.  I am not saying that there isn't time for television or a movie.  That is something that can be special as well, but shouldn't be the main focus of their day. 
I was having breakfast with my husband and we began a discussion about this.  I had to really think hard about my childhood and the TV.  In summer...I was up, ate breakfast and was out the door to play.  I, of course didn't text my friend...I went over and hollered out the names at the window..."can you come out to play?" I couldn't even remember lunchtime.  I thought hard about it as well.  The best I came up with was I just went home when I got hungry or we ate at each others houses.  We were out until the street lights came on...and then we were allowed to be out as long as we were on the steps of the porch or in someone's yard.  And all we did was tell our parents who's house we were at.  And then we did things like tell ghost stories.  We new each other.  We played with puzzles on rainy days. In my day, there were no VCR's, DVD's or cable TV.  To go and see a show was a rare occasion.  
Today, when my windows are open, there is silence outdoors.  the loudest sounds that I hear are the twittering of birds and not the squeals of children's laughter.  
social media.  There is no interaction face to face.  When I stop and look around...everywhere I look, people are at tables with the faces in their phones.  They are not even conversing at the table together...totally crazy!!  I challenge you...go somewhere and look around.  People go to the zoo and a majority of their time is spent on their phones.   It is a shame when you go to a movie and they have to tell you to please do not use your phone....even for texting.  Can you imagine that you don't have 2 hours to yourself?  Are you that locked into your phones that you cannot take the time away to enjoy yourself and your friends?  I am worried about what the future may bring.  I think that the young man in that department store in the movie had the right idea....we need to return to some basics. 

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