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The CROSS on the Wall

Good morning to everyone.  Sunday is here already.  It seems like the weekends just fly by.  I had a seminar yesterday and used Kwik Wood to design a Halloween piece.  A lot of fun and putting the old noggin to work.  I used a blank unfinished Rooster tuned on its side to create the piece.  I loved the way it turned out! You would never guess it was just a flat piece of wood.  I will post a picture of it on The Wonderful Wizard of Art Page as well...here it is.   
As for today's blog, I decided upon a cross.  I was setting up in the church basement yesterday for the seminar, and on my way to the kitchen area...there on the wall was a cross and it immediately caused a flash back in time. 
You see, growing up, in my grandmother's home, she had a cross hung in each of the bedrooms.  Now, this was not just any cross...it was a last rites cross.  It was probably 2 inches deep and the cross on the top slid off the base and reveled items in the hollowed section of the back of the cross.  It had a slit at the top where the upper cross fit into to stand.  Inside of the back of the cross were the items needed if the priest came to the house on your death bed.  There was some holy water and a couple of candles that also fit into these holes that were cut out.  I don't think that they were ever used...at least not while I was alive.  
It just hung there over the bed and it was what we knelt down and looked at as we recited our nightly prayers.  Well, I used it for more than that!  You see, I thought it was a great hiding place! As a kid...everything seemed like a big mystery to me when it came to religion.  Everything in church was in Latin and the sacristy was this forbidden area in the church that only the clergy got to see.  The cross on the wall was interesting to me because again, everything wasn't out in the open. 
one would ever think of looking for anything in a cross.  Actually, I didn't know if anyone even thought about the fact that a cross would open like that.   I hid the most deepest darkest thoughts behind that cross. 
When I got married, I wanted to have a cross like that and hang it over our bed.  My husband refused.  He had this crazy belief that you couldn't hang a cross...that to him it represented hanging Jesus all over again.  Well, needless to say, we never hung a cross. Now that my mother has passed, and she had whatever Grandma owned...I had wondered about that cross.  Silly now, some 50 years later...I wouldn't mind having that cross.  I don't even know whether they even make them any more.  I am not even sure whether such an item would even be used during last rites. 
Well, I may not have the cross, but I do own the plaque that my grandmother had hanging in the kitchen of The Last Supper.  There was never a time when that wasn't part of the décor.  Things were a lot different back then.  Your religion was always on display!  I know that my grandmother was born here in America and I guess that Religious Freedom meant exactly that!  they were proud to showcase their religion.  Times have changed....people have changed and surely the freedoms have changed.  When I look at the difficulty that I encounter just with story telling.  There are so many limits as to what I can and cannot say, it is a shame.  Being politically correct was a nicer way to say....you cannot participate in religious freedom.  I guess it is similar to that cross.  There are still things that are kept hidden from the naked eye. 

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