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It's the Booby Prize...called BREAST CANCER!

Well, Good afternoon to all of my readers.  I have been amiss from writing....I apologize...some things have been weighing down on me and I think I am finally ready to deal with it.  This past week I found out that my friend has breast cancer.  It has spread to her lymph nodes and she is in the process of additional testing and seeing a surgeon.  I have been there to help her in these trips as the need is arising.  That is not the problem.  It is just the whole overwhelming CANCER thing!  I am not pointing out one cancer over another...all cancer is devastating, but I am disturbed with some of the remarks that some people make. 
My blog was titled the BOOBY prize for a reason.  I told her and she laughed...I was happy to get a chuckle since this is such a sensitive area and with the somber news...I sometimes think a bit of levity helps...as long as you know that the person will laugh with you. 
For a woman...one of things that we grow up with wishing for are breasts.  I can remember as a young girl actually doing exercises that might enlarge them...yes it was the old hand to elbow, criss cross position that you would pump so that the muscles would make your breasts move.!  Looking back now...I must say..how silly it all was.  There were the days of training bras...really?? I am not quite sure what we were training them for?  Then the teen years came along and you measured your beauty by the size of your breasts...because that was all the boys seem to notice! 
I remember the trouble it was when I first started to wear a bra and couldn't get the darn thing snapped unless I put it on backwards, then when it was snapped, I twisted around and the put my arms through it.  My boy cousin somehow found out about it and one day while in the pool, he unsnapped the top of my two piece....there were other boys around and boy, let me tell you...I had the darndest time trying to put it one.  Especially since it didn't have a snap, but instead, a hook.  Breast seem to be the defining factor. 
Breasts hurt when your period was coming and when you were pregnant...they really hurt!  Then came the necessity part...the reason for breasts...breast feeding...well, let me tell you...back in my day...I tried so hard...and there were no such thing as lactating nurses back then.  I just couldn't get enough milk to make my child happy...so I gave up.!  Second child came around...well, I tried again..only this time I got a horrible abscess in my breast.  Now, If the heavy breasts were not enough...now they felt like they were on fire and tender to my own touch....try letting a baby take their try at that!! 
Later on, I tried bras that have wires in them, elastics that I am allergic to....you break out in rashes and sores.  I am not seeing the value here!!
Well, as time went on...I met more and more women who dealt with breast cancer, mastectomies, lost their lives because of this so called "BOOBY" prize called cancer. 
I myself have numerous mammograms...or properly I would term them as "slamograms".  because I had an aunt with breast cancer and I myself have shadows that they carefully watch.  It is a horrible affliction! 
I wondered where the term Booby prize actually came from.  When I looked it up A booby prize is a joke  prize usually given in recognition of a terrible performance or last-place finish. A person who finishes last, for example, may get a booby prize such as a worthless coin. Booby prizes are sometimes humorously and jokingly coveted as an object of pride.
Well, let me tell you...Cancer is no object of pride for having breasts! 
My friend has an amazing attitude and has already asked me to shave her head before chemo starts....she just doesn't want to have to go through the day by day loss of hair that she saw her mother go through!  She shared that she will have a double mastectomy and that will be that!  Someone she knows told her that if she does that...she won't look normal.  God bless my friend...she took a breast into her hand and while shaking it up and down said "I've never introduced myself to someone saying (hello, my name is ####)"  I almost fell to my knees laughing.  How true it is....our breasts do not define who we are....but oh....that BOOBY prize called CANCER will!  It will define our future....if we are strong enough to beat it.   I am amazed at the strength of the woman who fight.  The support system that they have...and they are not BRAS!!   They are the people like us...the ones who care, who hold hands, who see each others souls through their eyes.,,,not anywhere below the neck. 
Many years ago, I read an amazing story about a nurse who name was Rene Cassie.  She was given a recipe to make a tincture from 4 herbs that supposedly cured breast cancer...along with other cancers as well.  There are many books out there and many deceptions as well as to the form of herbs.  Rene Cassie was jailed and ridiculed, but continued her fight against cancer treated many.  Finally, she was able to market the availability of the herbs as a liver detox.  Much of her valuable information has been destroyed....but the recipe lives.  If you are reading this and are curious and want to read more...I suggest you read about Rene Cassie...her formula was called ESSIAC...her sir name spelled backwards.  See what you think....I am not promoting anything...I am simply sharing what my journey on breast cancer has taken me to.  I have always been the type of woman who will look in all directions for help and for answers. 
I will be their through this so called "BOOBY PRIZE" with my friend...I will help fight this monster with her...and pray and pray.  I cannot run for this cause because of my arthritis...but I will surely put it out there somehow!  A story, the twist behind the bra...the so-called "BOOBY PRIZE".

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Jeanni on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 4:52 PM
Thank you ever so much for the story, for I am going to make my appt for my overdue mammogram first thing tomorrow...I have the post-its up to remind me. LUB!
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