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"Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes...Friend or Foe?

Good morning to all.  Well, Thursday has quickly resurfaced once again.  I have had a full few days of the week and a full weekend approaching.  Performances on the weekend to prep for.  Sunday is open to the public, so if you are looking for some fun, free entertainment, come out to the Niles Historical and Cultural Museum and listen to my "Love in Bloom"  The life and loves of Jack Benny.  Don't forget to introduce yourself to me!  I would love to meet you in person.  As I sit here this morning I am amazed, as always, at the sound of the birds.  What a gift that we receive each morning.  Natures music indeed. 
Today's blog is about the phrase "Little Miss Goody Two Shoes"  I have always comprehended this saying to the person who portrays them self as the all time perfect person.  The one who does no wrong...yet behind the scenes is the person who will stab you in the back with a smile on her face.  It is done like she is doing you a favor and has your best interest at heart!  What a joke this can be, and how often it happens to the innocent naive individuals. 
I always wondered where that saying came from, so upon a quick search, I discovered that it came from a child story book from 1765,  Imagine something from so long ago still in our verbiage today!   It is said to comes from the title moralistic nursery tale called The History of Goody Two-Shoes, which was supposedly written by Oliver Goldsmith, and  published in 1765 by John Newbery, one of the earliest London publishers of children's stories. The name Goody was supposedly a common name for a married woman.  Goody owned only one shoe. When she was given a pair of them, she was so pleased that she showed them to everybody, saying "Two shoes". The phrase now refers to a self-righteous, smugly virtuous person.
righteous?  I sit back and see the delusions that they live in.  The perceive themselves to be infallible.  They have deluded themselves into believing that they can do no wrong.  They never apologize when they do...but have the uncanny knack of putting themselves on pedestals.  The are the illusionist of their time.  The are the magicians...the can make things appear differently than they actually are and always to their benefit!  The Goody is their capes of deception.  Like a magician...they pick you out of the crowd and convince you that they are honest and have nothing up their sleeves...while instead, they have plenty up the sleeve.  They take advantage of others fairness and honesty.  They steal ideas and thoughts right before your eyes...all the while pretending to be your friend.  The use your good nature to the tenth degree.  They are the type of person who makes themselves appear as the "MAGNIFICENT" in the end. 
Shoes"  in my life...past and present.....BEWARE!  Whether you are an acquaintance or a best friend...I have read the manual!  I have had my eyes opened up for me.  I can now see beyond the illusion.  What a tangled web we weave...,When first we practice to deceive!"
It seems that the "Little Miss Goody Two Shoes" has engaged in this practice.   Like a spider spinning her web...simple things can become tangled and messy. 
I must say, that I am so sorry for these people.  That they feel they must walk over another human being and smile while they do it...but I suppose these type of people have always existed in our world and always will.  This might sound quite cynical...but unfortunately, the truth.  The expression "Watch your Back"  didn't come out of no where! As well as The Straw that broke the Camel's back!   One of the earliest published usages of this phrase was by Charles Dickens.....where he says "As the last straw breaks the laden camel's back", meaning that there is a limit to everyone's endurance, or everyone has his breaking-point. Dickens was writing in the nineteenth century  
Well, we now see it is not new News...it is as old as time...Deception. Illusions, Falsehoods are so close...we can taste it. So to my readers.... Beware, Be Smart, Be Safe!!...there are " Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes" everywhere!

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