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Fond Fishing Memories

Good morning to all.  Well, Friday is here once again.  the weather is a bit cooler..and the storms appear to be on the horizon.  A full weekend ahead.  Anyone looking for something to enjoy...come on out to the Niles Historical and Cultural Center on this Sunday and enjoy my "Love in Bloom" program.  The life and loves of Jack Benny is a wonderfully, informative program.  From history to humor and love...this man was one of our real gems of his time. 
Hope to see you there!
As for todays blog, I decided to talk about fishing.  Since I was a young girl...fishing has always been part of my life.  Having grown up without a father in my life...you wouldn't have imagined that it would be...but I started to babysit pretty early in my life.  I babysat for three boys that lived down the street.  I easily secured the job because no one else wanted it.  the boys were quite the handful!  Their nonstop antics kept my on my toes constantly.  The one amazing thing that came out of that job was that I became included into the family as one of them.  I can remember being asked to tag along on picnics...even when I wasn't babysitting.  We would often go fishing.  In fact, if my memory serves me well, I caught my very first Bluegill on one of those trips.  I have never been one of those girly girls who was afraid of touching a worm....in fact, much later in life, I put crickets on the hook for my husband who didn't want to touch it.  Their was always something about that calming time by the waters.  The rippling that occurred when you cast out your line and the line sank and only the bobbin was visible.  I could sit there for hours anticipating a nibble.
I know that my mom was petrified of worms and such and I loved scaring her with fake worms.  One time she flew across the seat of the convertible when I came out of the bait shop holding this great big fake worm.  I found it most amazing that later in life...she, herself took up fishing.  She even had pictures taken of her holding the fish.  I have to laugh just thinking about it. 
I know that  many years ago, I used to pack up a picnic at dishing gear and head off to Axe-Head lake.  It was off of Touhy and River Road in Park Ridge, Illinois.  We would arrive early in the day, I would bait their poles and they would fish for the entire day.  It was such a memorable time for me.  We would break and play with a Frisbee or with our badmitton set...but mainly...we just fished. 
At one point, my eldest daughter got more and more into the fishing and so one trip that my husband and a friend went on, decided she would tag along.  They went up to Busse Woods to go fishing.  She caught one catfish after another.  She literally put those two guys to shame with all that she caught...they didn't catch a single fish.  I remember when they cam home and they told the story.  The guys just shook their heads in amazement over her good fortune.  Well, I saw that she took after her mother. 
One year we rented a houseboat on Lake Barkley in Kentucky and I spent hours fishing along side of the boat. One fish after another got hooked and no matter where I moved my pole, my husband would stand next to me.  He figured for sure that would give him the best chance of catching one...but they just seemed to like my bait better. 
One year, when I asked my red hatters to write down some suggestions of what they might want to do on events...one of the ladies wrote down that she would like to go fishing.  It was plausible for me...but not something any of the other ladies wanted to do...unfortunately, she passed away before I had the opportunity to go fishing with her. 
One time, we took our granddaughters fishing...the youngest was too young...so the eldest granddaughter and I went down to the pier to fish off the pier while my husband watched the little one.  There she stood, pink Barbie fishing pole in hand...bobbin in the water and the bobbin began its bob...she was so excited...I reeled in my pole and instructed her what to do.  I was as excited as she was....this was her first catch!  I am not sure she really got the idea that when the fish actually got pulled up out of the water that it would be alive....so this minute she pulled it up out of the water and saw it wiggling and jiggling around...she threw the pole out into the water.  That was that!  Fishing was not going to be her sport of sports!  But most recently, I saw that my youngest granddaughter went fishing and didn't seem the least bit affected by the fish.  There is hope after all. 
I haven't been fishing in quite some time now...the opportunity just hasn't arisen.  Each time I pass Axe-Head lake during my travels, a deep sigh comes out.  As I glance over those waters ...memories of days gone by and peace floods over me.  I thought that as time passed and as I advanced in age...I would find more time to enjoy those moments of quiet and solitude....but instead...I am busier than ever.  I guess that is a good thing.  I have not slowed down...I am still running the race!

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