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My Blog

Danger Calling!

Good morning.  Another Saturday has arrived.  I am all ready and my stories are lined up for the Alzheimer center.  Tomorrow is Jack Benny...so if you are able to join me...come out for an afternoon of entertainment at the Niles Historical & Cultural Center on Milwaukee Ave. in Niles.  Program begins at 2.  It is free and there will be refreshments.  I am looking forward to sharing my love of Radio Talk shows and one of the greatest comedians of our time. 
As for today's bog...It is about Cell phones.  There has been much speculation over the dangers of cell phones.  Most people pooh paw it!  But I have always had some apprehension over this modern convenience.  It especially came to the fore front over reading a recent incident about a ten girl who fell asleep with her cell phone under her pillow and the phone burned up.  Fortunately the young girl was unharmed but the phone literally burned up to an unrecognizable stage.  The pillow and its case and the mattress were also quite singed. 
There has also been quite a bit of controversy over whether the phone can cause brain cancer.  A cell phone emits radiation....do you keep you head stuck next to your microwave?? No, that would seem quite silly, but, many never give their cell phones this same type of look.    So, I started researching these facts...and then...out of nowhere came the thought of my friend who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I sat here stunned for a moment...remembering that often she will tuck her cell phone into her bra.  I had to then see whether anyone else has been diagnosed with breast cancer that did the same thing...and the answer was YES!!  The doctors cannot completely say that the cell phone in the bra caused the cancer...but that the cells that were affected laid in the parameters that the cell phone was placed.  Odd coincidence?  Hmmm..I wonder! 
I know that when I have held a phone to my head...and believe you me..it is not often.  I can feel the heat that it emits.  I rarely, if ever carry my cell phone on my body....and that does drive my family and friends nuts!  I do not believe that such a small thing should be such an important factor in my life!  I can call someone back.  Because of rising costs many today ONLY use their cells phones and have opted not to carry a regular phone in their homes.  They are on them constantly! 
As for the burned up cell phone...according to the company...they say that there is a warning in the manual to keep the phone in a place where it can get proper air circulation...well...okay...shouldn't that be on the cover page in bold print?  How many people read those manuals cover to cover...and especially the young kids who are toting those phone around like it is an additional appendage. 
As a general rule, you'll want to avoid carrying your phone ANYWHERE p\on your body. Keep in mind that the most dangerous place to be, in terms of radiation exposure, they say  is within about six inches of the emitting antenna. You do not want any part of your body within that proximity.

This could be the modern day "Dial M for Murder"!    

They have even attributed carrying cell phones in men's pockets for lower sperm count.  For men especially show carry their phones in their pockets or by their hips are susceptible to liver, kidneys, colon and bladder problems.   This also applies to women who carry them in the same pockets and hips as well.  There was a also studies done showed a lowering in bone density. 

There have been studies done that showed the while in the uterus...babies are more susceptible to behavioral difficulties to to the pregnant mom carrying her cell phone next to their bodies. 

I don't know about you...but the more I read..the more afraid I become of that little rectangular object that emits radioactive rays. 
Have we really become so in need of having people know our exact where about 24 hours a day?  How I lived for all those years with out a cell phone...I will never know...but I do know it indeed was less of a hindrance.  Now...don't get me wrong...I think that there are times and places for the cell phones.  Read up on their dangers and how you can avoid them.  Be smart and be aware.  That new phone could be damaging you or someone you love by not being smart about it...Funny how many refer to them as SMART phones...I guess we need to become the SMART...SMART phone users.

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Jeanni on Saturday, July 26, 2014 3:44 PM
Hi, Debi! When I was working, I got in trouble many times because I would not respond to a cell phone call when driving. I would wait till I could pull off road safely & return the boss's call. I was told that when they called it was usually important & I was to answer right away. I asked what possibly could be so important that it would be taking the risk of hurting/killing someone else or myself if I didn't wait until it was safe to make the call. If the purpose of the call was to inform me someone was hurt, how could a few moments possibly make a difference? I have never received a response from these questions. I no longer work nor do I drive, but I refuse to become so dependant on a cell phone that I cannot go without calling, texting, playing games, listening to music, reading something, using the internet, taking photos, etc. So many times I'm surprised to be the only one (or nearly the only one) on a bus, inline at the store, shopping, walking, at the doctor's office, or doing anything without that doggone phone attached to my ear. I don't think that it is necessary for grammar school kids to have a cell phone,let alone have it 'on' during the day when in class! I believe it is so very rude to interrupt a conversation or transaction with a live human being to answer a cell phone. The way I figure is 'will the world stop spinning if I don't respond to a call or text?' I have yet to find any reason that would happen, so therefore, my responding to a cell cal can wait.
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